Citrix Specialization E-Learning Courses Boast Triple BenefitsCitrix Specializations offer Citrix Solution Advisors a new path to success and the stringent requirements ensure the highest qualified partners are recognized and endorsed by Citrix. E-Learning courses, which are among the requirements, cover best practices in delivering services to customers.

A triple play of benefits

There are three E-Learning courses that count towards earing a Specialization. The first explains how to deliver effective Citrix demos. The second course teaches partners how to think like a Citrix Escalation Engineer. The final presents the Citrix Consulting project methodology. Courses are all gratis and are available online and on-demand:

Benefit #1: An effective demo strategy can shorten the sales cycle (CDT-100)

Seeing is believing, as the saying goes.

That’s why demos are so effective in showing customers the value of a technology solution. Demos are critical for conveying the big picture and macro benefits, as well as cool features and functionality.

The best demos are tailored to the needs, interests and challenges of your customer, whether they are executives, managers or IT staff. Proficiency to demo plays a key role in evaluation, vendor selection, the internal “sell” and purchase authorization, thereby winning more deals.

Benefit #2: Master engineers can transform complexity into reality (CTS-100)

Engineering solutions starts with the right skillset and expert know how. In today’s evolving and complex IT landscape, customers seek partners with the latest skills and abilities to handle multiple aspects of complex, technical projects. Moreover, customers demand holistic solutions supplied by a single organization.

Leading-edge training and the most advanced skills in the Virtualization, Mobility Management and/or Networking competency is an important professional enabler for IT staff with expertise in Citrix technologies and a valuable business enabler.

Benefit #3: Partner-led services can draw in extra big bucks (CCM-100)

Partners can pair their services with those of Citrix Consulting Services experts to deliver expert guidance, new technologies, faster ROI and successful implementation of Citrix Mobile Workspace solutions.

Enablement from Citrix, which enhance design, implementation and ongoing support and maintenance offer tremendous benefit to partner organizations by contributing to bigger deals and increased revenues among new customers within lucrative markets.

5 insider tips to successfully complete E-Learning courses

  1. Verify the number of individuals taking the course meet the Specialization requirements, as this varies by country
  2. Understand that based on the requirement in your country, the same two or three individuals must take each of the three required courses
  3. Courses take about one hour to complete; if you can’t dedicate a full straight hour, you can stop and restart at the point you left off
  4. Spoiler alert! There is a 10-question assessment at the end
  5. A notes function within the tool allows you to capture key points for reference later in the course (but not during the assessment)

Step up to Specialist

Learn about requirements and benefits by visiting Citrix Specialist and view the new Citrix Partner Incentives deck. As you meet the specialization requirements, track your progress through the Specialist Progress Manager tool.

If you’re not yet a Citrix partner, get started now – the benefits are endless!

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