Today is an exciting day!

As Product Manager on the Windows App Delivery team, I am pleased to announce a XenDesktop Technical Preview Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) for virtual desktops and Remote PC Access on Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview. 

Citrix has had a long-standing partnership with Microsoft in empowering employees with mobile access to 5 (soon to be 6) generations of windows apps. In this early release preview, your first steps to a mobile experience with Windows 10 are only beginning.

As existing and new XenDesktop customers consider migrating to Windows 10, mobilizing the desktop experience through HDX is key to both virtual and physical deployments. This Virtual Delivery Agent will help you get started on that path.  The Windows 10 excitement has been steadily increasing, and along with it  our XenDesktop use cases continue to grow, as well.

In May at Citrix Synergy, Vipin Borkar (Product Manager for  Windows Receiver) and I co-presented on Windows 10, sharing the initial story for embracing Windows 10 with XenDesktop.   On July 8th, we announced that our latest Receiver for Windows  4.3 is compatible with Windows 10. If you missed the announcement, check out our blog here.

Also at Citrix Synergy, I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Jason Robinson on Remote PC Access. A great way to start your mobile  experience for your existing physical desktops now, and leverage the XenDesktop platform right away.

Download Windows 10 Technical  Preview Components

We’ve gathered the Tech Preview components here on a single page for download convenience.

Based on overwhelming customer feedback, this VDA is delivered as a separate download, similar to the standalone VDA posted for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 early this year (for more details see this blog). This separate VDA was the #1 request from our customers to give them a granular sense of control and offline delivery. It is the first step we needed to take in providing a more lightweight delivery system of the VDA for our customers.

For new and existing XenApp customers without a XenDesktop entitlement license, we have included an Evaluation License so can experience Windows 10 through HDX today. XenApp customers already realize the powerful benefit of migrating applications into a virtual model, which will accelerate your organization’s migration to the Windows 10 platform seamlessly.

One more thing. In addition to the Windows 10 early release Preview, we’ve included additional new/updated features as part of this download, as outlined in the Technical Preview administrator’s guide:  Universal Print Server on Windows Server 2012 R2, enhanced drawing tablet and signature device support, video fallback prevention policies, and smartcard virtual channel improvements.

Feedback and Survey

We invite you to post feedback in our Technology Preview Discussion Forums on this early release Preview, as well as let us know about your organization’s plans for Windows 10 through this brief survey.

Windows 10 will be an exciting journey for all of us, and we look forward to helping you accelerate, embrace, and mobilize Microsoft’s newest platform starting with this preview.

Enjoy the preview!