Help customers redefine their WANs with CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution

Scaling WAN bandwidth is expensive for enterprise customers who’ve traditionally relied on costly MPLS services to avoid business disruption and maintain usability of mission-critical applications.

The new CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution allows your customers to create a virtualized WAN by bonding multiple network services, such as MPLS, broadband, mobile and satellite Internet together to maximize WAN capacity and reliability.

By offering your customers the flexibility to collectively employ multiple, cost-effective WAN technologies, this solution supports scaling of WAN bandwidth at a dramatically lower cost than traditional Citrix Powers “Always-On” Branch Workspacesapproaches. At the same time, it ensures the best possible user experience by securely sending mission-critical, delay-sensitive data over the highest-performing path available.

Ready to start selling?

Use these easy-to-share, customer-friendly resources:

– Share this short animated concept video with your prospects. In just over 90 seconds, customers will hear and see how the new Virtual WAN solution helps enterprises redefine their WANs.

– Need more detail for a technical audience?  Share this white paper to demonstrate how the solution works to address a number of enterprise WAN needs.

– Want to show the Virtual WAN solution in action?  Share these videos highlighting the benefits of the Virtual WAN solution for XenDesktop and the benefits for enterprise applications in general.

And bookmark the very useful CloudBridge page on SalesIQ, which is continually updated with great new assets to help you demonstrate the tremendous value of the Virtual WAN solution.

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