Last quarter our Citrix Receiver for HTML5 1.6 focused on graphics robustness and audio-video performance. This release helped our customers increase the adoption of clientless access mode for Citrix Workspace Suite.

Receiver for HTML5 1.7 enables more use cases helping further increase the adoption by Citrix customers. Here are some of the key improvements in this release:

Session Reliability: True mobility today faces the challenges of switching between various access points, network disruptions, and display timeouts etc. These situations can disconnect the Citrix connection and requiring a manual reconnect. Session reliability allows business continuity with robust Citrix connection in case of these short network disruptions where your connection stays intact for admin specified timeout and resumed when network is back. Session reliability with Receiver for HTML5 works with new NetScaler Gateway 11.0, which supports CGP over WebSocket.

File Transfer: This is a new virtual channel added with a hotfix release in XenApp & XenDesktop 7.6 FP2 enabled with Receiver for Chrome and HTML5. The new feature allows you to upload and download files between Client devices and the Citrix session. The file upload-download can be triggered by using the in session toolbar. Also in order to simplify the user experience we have added the ability to ‘drag and drop a file to upload’ and ‘Save to My Device to trigger automatic download’ to browser’s download folder on the Client device. File upload and download can be enabled or disabled using policy giving the required control to the admin.

New Receiver: Citrix commissioned a new release of Receiver to develop a modern, centrally-managed, and customizable rich user app selection and experience across all devices when connected to StoreFront 3.0.

Citrix’s recommended mode of access using Receiver for HTML5 is through NetScaler over SSL for all supported versions of XenApp and XenDesktop or direct SSL connection to XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6. If you are not using this mode, please make sure that you enable the policy for WebSocket connection and open the required port mentioned in the documentation. Also it is important to deploy the Receiver for web option correctly on StoreFront for successful connection.

Receiver for HTML5 is hosted on StoreFront server. When you install StoreFront 3.0, Receiver for HTML5 1.7 is automatically installed. In order to upgrade, you can install Receiver for HTML5 1.7 on StoreFront 2.5 or 2.6 servers. Do not install Receiver for HTML5 1.6 with StoreFront versions prior to 2.5

Experience this release and let us know how it works for you!