Citrix Director 7.6.300 is primarily released to support Framehawk Graphics Channel Monitoring.
Framehawk technology optimizes the delivery of virtual desktops and applications to mobile device on unreliable networks.More about Framehawk can be found here.

Framehawk Virtual Channel has been integrated with HDX as part of XA/XD 7.6  Feature Pack 2 .
With Framehawk integrated into HDX, we should be able to monitor the channel like any other HDX Virtual Channel in Director.

Framehawk data on Director :
In User Details page of Director, for each session of the user we can see the list of HDX Virtual Channels being used by HDX Session and the state of the channel.

Graphics-Framehawk Virtual Channel is the new channel added to HDX Panel.

Click on Graphics-Framehawk channel to view the details of the channel.

More information on HDX Channels can be found here .

Installation Guide for Director Using Director MSI can be found here

Note: In order to view Framehawk Channel details available on Director 7.6.300, WMIProxy 7.6.300 and XDPoshSnapin Hotfix 7.6.300 is necessary.(Can be downloaded from XenDesktop/XenApp 7.6 Feature Pack 2 zip  here)

WMIProxy 7.6.300 has to be installed/upgraded on VDA and VDA has to be rebooted.
XDPoshSnapin 7.6.300 hotfix should be installed on Delivery Controller and then Restart Citrix Studio and upgrade the site as prompted by Studio.

If WMIProxy and XDPoshSnapin is not updated or if Framehawk Channel is not supported (VDA 7.6 without the FP2 or VDA 7.5 and earlier) Framehawk Channel status  will be as shown below.

Summary: Help Desk Administrators can view the status of a session throttled with a  Framehawk Channel  and leverage a plethora of  information including ‘ICA RTT’ and ‘Latency’ using Citrix Director. This will provide troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities in case the expected  user experience even in high latency and unreliable networks is not up to the mark.