Calendar (CalDAV) Policy for iOS

Citrix XenMobile NetScaler Connector unifies the best of XenMobile MDM and NetScaler when it comes to delivering emails through a native mail client. For a standard deployment scenario that uses native mail client, EAS server is exposed to the outside world jeopardising the security of sensitive data. XNC allows the admin to control access to corporate email, calendar and contacts from mobile devices based on compliance policies that are set on XDM, while leveraging the optimization and security provided by NetScaler ( here acting as a reverse proxy); with a seamless user experience. This allows organizations to have internal-only Exchange access with the ability to use device’s native mail client with rule-based allow/deny modes.


1)     XMS 10.0

2)     APNS certificate should installed on the XMS

3)     CalDAV account details

Requisites Configuration on XM 10



Click Configure  Device Policies  Add



Click More  Calendar (CalDAV) Policy



Enter a name for the Policy and a Description (Optional), Click Next

4 In the Policy Information screen, enter the details as requested.Account Description:Enter any name specifying the type of account(Note: This description will get displayed at the end user’s device where this policy is being deployed)Host Name: Enter the hostname of the CalDAV serverPort: Enter the port of the CalDAV server(Note: By default the port is 8443)Principal URL: Enter the Principal URL of the CalDAV account(Ex: Enter the username of the CalDAV accountPassword: Enter the password of the CalDAV account which is optional

Use SSL: Depending on the configuration of CalDAV shared server the Use SSL parameter can be enabled or disabled.

(Note: By default it is enabled)

Policy Settings

  • Using Policy setting the policy can be removed by specifying a particular date or duration
  • Permissions can be granted or restricted for the user to be able to remove the policy
  • Additionally a “passcode required” can be implemented without which the user will not be able to remove the policy

Click Next


Choose, search the delivery group or group’s to which this policy needs to be deployed. Click Save


To deploy, Click on Configure Delivery Group Deploy


Click Deploy on the following popup window


2.    End User Experience


Here is an example using an iPAD



Launch Calendar



The password required window pop’s up.

Enter the passwordof the CalDAV account

Tap OK


To verifyTap the Calendar icon on the spring boardTap CalendarsThe CalDAV calendar account will be displayed