For years, Citrix has been an enterprise software company, selling its virtualization solution to the Fortune 500. But what if you’re running a Citrix Service Provider business? You’re not selling product, you’re selling a service. The product, whether it’s XenDesktop, XenApp, XenMobile or anything else is merely incidental to the solution.

As a Citrix Service Provider you’re identifying a need and then you’re selling a use case. So it stands to reason that your marketing should reflect this.

New Demand Marketing Campaigns for Citrix Service Providers

Introducing the “What If” campaign for Citrix Service Providers. It’s a series of four campaigns designed to target the SMB market, removing Citrix products from the conversation, and, instead, positioning a Citrix Service Provider service model to the end customer.

These four marketing campaigns are ready to go and available on the MarketingIQ platform for Citrix Service Providers to grab and execute today. Each campaign comes complete with an email template, landing page for registrations and a call to action download like a whitepaper, infographic or solutions brief.

MarketingIQ is Free for Citrix Service Providers

The MarketingIQ platform is free of charge for any current partner to use and can be customized to include your partner logo. Copy blocks can also be edited for you to add your own partner value proposition before sending to your customers or to a prospect list.

Want to find out more information about Citrix MarketingIQ? Campaign and marketing guru Sheralyn Felix from Citrix Worldwide Channel Marketing has written some great blog posts:

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Want to find out more about the campaign?

Watch the on demand recording of the webinar to learn about each campaign

“What If” Campaign for Citrix Service Providers

Already know about Citrix MarketingIQ and you want to access the campaign right away? Then follow these four simple steps:

  • Step One: Go to
  • Step Two: Launch and Single Sign-On into the platform
  • Step Three: Open Campaign Center
  • Step Four: Search “What If” Campaign for Citrix Service Providers