Intercede’s Citrix Ready MyID technology is now available to XenMobile customers who want to adopt better practice and achieve the strongest levels of secure authentication, or comply with government security standards such as FIPS 201.

Citrix Ready has verified MyID Identity Agent (iOS) as compatible with XenMobile 10.0.5. Users can request a demo via Citrix Ready Marketplace

MyID ensures that the right people within an organization have the right credentials, wherever they are, at any time. The MyID Identity Agent deploys these credentials, in the form of keys and certificates, to the Citrix shared vault (a protected credential store accessible only by Citrix-protected apps on mobile devices). Citrix-protected apps are then able to access this vault to utilize the trusted credentials to enable strong, 2-factor authentication for mobile users.

WorxMail is the first app to do this, utilizing issued credentials to enable the signing, encryption and decryption of company emails from a mobile device.

Intercede’s MyID technology allows the issued credentials to be managed throughout their lifecycle in accordance with company policy, giving organizations confidence in the security of information exchanged remotely.

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