“Money, it’s a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.” — Pink Floyd, Money (1973)


We love it. No, really. We do. All of us. Sure, money can’t buy happiness, but there aren’t a lot of people out there saying a little extra, you know, hurts.

Look. We know that money isn’t—nor should it be—our world’s primary motivator, but we also know that there are times—say your kid is going away to college, you need to put a new roof on your house, you want to take your significant other out to paint the town red—when it helps out.

This is one of the big reasons we sat up and took notice when EmployUs, a Raleigh-based human capital management software company founded in 2014, launched its app. EmployUs helps companies (like Citrix) find the talent they’re looking for while helping connectors get paid for referring their friends (who end up with great jobs as a result).

Sounds pretty good, right?

Lots of companies offer incentives for their employees for referring new recruits. If someone you refer for a new job gets hired, you get a nice little addition to your paycheck. But if you’re a contractor to that company or just a friend of someone who works at that company, the most you could expect was, “Thanks! We appreciate the referral!”

With EmployUs, all of that has changed.

“Well, that’s flat-out awesome!!” you’re more than likely saying. We tend to agree.
“Gosh darn it! How does this goodness work?” you might be asking. We’re glad you did.

EmployUs works in three simple steps: 1) Hiring companies list their open positions with referral bonuses. 2) Connectors refer people they know to the position 3) When a referral is hired, the connector earns the referral bonus. All you have to do is sign up with your LinkedIn account.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

We all know that in the realm of finding new jobs (or new employees), it’s often not what you know, but who you know. EmployUs knows this, too, and has made it the very model for their business (which is one of the big reasons Citrix decided to incubate the startup not long after its launch in 2014). EmployUs knows that, very often, the best employees come from referrals. So why not give  a little credit to the people who refer those great people?

With EmployUs, that’s now possible. And we’ve gotta say that’s pretty darned cool.

Available on the Web and on the Apple AppStore (coming soon to Google Play!), EmployUs makes it easy for employers to find the talent they need and want, for job candidates to get the jobs THEY need and want, and for the people who connect them to share in the love, too.

Check out the video below to find out more, or pay them a visit online, or follow them on Twitter at @EmployUsApp. EmployUs: refer someone you know and GET PAID!