Have a social media channel, but unsure what to post?  Citrix Service Providers are quickly finding social media as a key outlet to attract new customers, communicate with existing customers and grow interest in new offerings.

We hear it frequently in research and partner conversations – new buyers either discover a service provider on social media or learn more about a potential vendor by researching on social media.

Marketing Resources for Service Providers—Including Social Media Ideas

Citrix helps partners learn more about marketing with key resources:

–          Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence – includes a full set of Marketing resources specifically designed for service providers

–          Citrix Partner Social Media Tools – curated by the excellent channel marketing team, discover more social media tips, recorded webinars and more

10 Social Media Ideas for Service Providers

Creating new content sometimes is a challenge. To help brainstorm useful social media posts that attract visibility, here are 10 ideas for social media posts Citrix Service Providers (or any Citrix partners) can use to drive visibility.

  1. Videos – Marketers continue to see outstanding results from video marketing. Sharing videos on social media is a great way to quickly gain interest in your offering and share your Desktops-as-a-Service expertise (see blog). UK-based Citrix Service Provider Alternative Networks created a video that combined a review of the Citrix X1 mouse with a short demo of their hosted services offering – a great combination of education and marketing.
  2. Industry articles – Use Google alerts, Twitter groups or LinkedIn groups to follow specific area of a vertical, industry or topic like workshifting. These sources often are great source material for useful articles that apply to your audience. Plus, sharing the content from other sources builds your social profile – and demonstrates your firm is on the pulse of the market.  (Hint: a key source could be the Citrix blogs, which often have end-user focused information). Here’s an example from U.S. Citrix Service Provider WHOA, who shared security news with followers.
  3. News and blogs – about your customers and your firm If you’re spending the time writing educational blogs, catchy news releases or stunning customer case studies, be sure to share them on social media. Drive readership with social media. Blogs and news can be shared on LinkedIn interest groups or your profile, on Twitter and Facebook. Images that tie to the blogs or news can be shared on all mediums.  U.S. Citrix Service Provider Proxios used LinkedIn to share an insurance industry customer case study.
  4. Certifications – Build confidence in the skills of your team. If your technical staff passed a Citrix test, your new sales manager earned Citrix Certified Sales Professional status or your firm gained a new accreditation in your industry, share the news on social media. A photo of the successful staff person, their certificate or the logo of the firm issuing the certification is also helpful for humanizing the social post. U.S. and Latin America-focused Citrix Service Provider O4IT shared their recent ISO 27001:2013 certification.
  5. Events – Hosting an event in your area? Speaking at an industry event? Just visit a conference like Citrix Synergy? Share pictures and onsite learnings with your followers.  Rhipe, a Citrix Service Provider Distributor serving Asia Pacific and Australia – New Zealand, shared photos from a recent cloud roadshow stop in Indonesia.
  6. Recognition – When your firm is recognized by someone else, share the news on social media. At Citrix Summit, my session “Proven Tips and Tricks in Marketing a DaaS Business” included an example of the “What is a Hosted Desktop” video translated into Finnish by Citrix Service Provider Magic Cloud (Oy). Before I left the speaker stage, the news was shared on the Magic Cloud Facebook page – showing customers in Finland that Magic Cloud was highlighted at the Citrix conference 5000 miles away in Las Vegas.
  7. Volunteer activities – Citrix has a wonderful volunteer advocacy program for employees, so you often see Citrix social media posts sharing employees donating time and creativity to better a nonprofit. Canadian Citrix Service Provider Telus recently shared their charity fundraiser on Twitter.
  8. Human interest stories – Everyone likes to smile and laugh. Have a fun pose in your data center? Celebrate a local sport team victory? Visiting a new city? Share your photo or fun fact on social media to add a human factor to your business.  A Rocky Mountain bicycle race near an office location was a great “human factor” tweet for Citrix Service Provider Virsage.
  9. Customer-focused offering – Hosting a launch event? Opening a new Executive Briefing Center? Share what’s new in your business. Netherlands-based Citrix Service Provider Multrix opened an Executive Briefing Center with Citrix guests and shared the news on Twitter.
  10. Customer appreciation – How do you thank your customers for their business? U.S. Citrix Service Provider TekLinks hosts a grand barbeque (BBQ) for their customers each June. Sharing the fun – and appreciating the business of their customers – is a great social share.

Share Your Hosted Service Provider Social Media Success

Have an idea for another type of social media post that earns shares, retweets or likes?  Write your ideas in the comments below, Tweet us on Twitter @CitrixCSP or post via LinkedIn on the Citrix Service Provider Group.