Designed by Silent Circle, Blackphone puts privacy first. PrivatOS, Blackphone’s custom Android operating system, comes without bloatware or hooks to carriers, and puts control over your data back in your hands.

The Blackphone Security Center gives you fine-grain control over app-level permissions, so you decide what kind of access individual apps get to your data. And with Spaces, you get multiple “virtual” phones while carrying only one device: use Spaces to separate home and work life, or create a kid-friendly area on your phone – the Spaces you create and maintain are up to you.

Silent Phone and Silent Text give you built-in access to encrypted voice and text communications, as well as file transfer.

With the seemingly endless headlines about data loss and thefts, maintaining your privacy can feel overwhelming. That’s why we created Blackphone to be a secure starting point for your professional and proprietary communications. It combines a fortified Android operating system with a suite of apps designed to keep your enterprise and personal information private.

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