If you were one of the thousands that did join, thank you for attending! Although we tried to answer many of the questions during the live event, due to the high turn-out and large number of questions we received, we weren’t able to answer everything during the live Q&A portion.

This post provides answers to the questions we received during and after the webinar.

Before we dig into the FAQs, I’d like to let you know about some very helpful resources.  If you are looking to learn more about the technical details of the new features and functionality, please take a look at the resources on the What’s New in XenApp and What’s New in XenDesktop pages. The Synergy sessions are a must view, especially Dan Feller’s Tech Update for XenApp and XenDesktop—May 2015 Edition, Dan and Carisa Stringer’s The Future of XenApp and XenDesktop Upgrades and Derek Thorslund’s What’s new in HDX.

There’s a load more stuff out there, but I digress. Here are the answers you’ve been waiting for.

Happy reading and all the best from Sunny Sweden.

Q. Are there any plans regarding an optimization pack for Skype for Business?
A. Support for Skype-for-Business client 15.0.4719.1000 and above (in Lync UI mode) will be in FP2

Q. I want to know If Citrix Receiver and VDAs are FIPS compliant.
A. Yes, the VDA is FIPS compliant. As for the Receiver, it really depends on the version being deployed. More info at /blogs/2014/10/16/xenapp-and-xendesktop-7-6-security-fips-140-2-and-ssl-to-vda/

Q. Is the Director / EdgeSight console you were showing a new combined version or a custom dashboard?
A. The screenshots shown in the webinar are all standard views of the Director console. The data for the “Network Performance Charts” is queried from the HDX Insight Center that captures all the ICA related information displayed in the Director console.

Q. Will the new Receiver work with 2-factor authentication?
A. Yes, all Receivers can be combined with two factor authentication technologies. There are plenty of articles on the web detailing how to configure two factor authentication.

Q. Where can we find the Framehawk Tech Preview?
A. Framehawk will be integrated into the Receiver clients. The Windows Receiver with Framehawk will be released at the end of June with FP2 so I’d suggest waiting until then.

Q. This X1 Mouse – will it be some hardware device made by Citrix?
A. Yes, specifically for iOS. /blogs/2015/05/05/the-mouse-that-roared-for-business/

Q. What is the new EOM (End of Maintenance) for XenApp 6.5?
A. The EOM has been extended to 31 December 2017 provided you have active SWM or SA. Details are here https://www.citrix.com/support/product-lifecycle/product-matrix.html

Q. Is SmartAuditor included in Enterprise license?
A. No, SmartAuditor in FP1 is a Platinum feature.

Q. Is Director and EdgeSight available w/ Enterprise licensing?
A. Director and EdgeSight is available in all editions. XenApp / XenDesktop Enterprise will store data for up to 7 full days, whereas the Platinum editions remove the 7 day limitation.

Q. Your slide had a Receiver release date of June 2015?  Is that a firm release date?
A. The new Receivers will be launched with FP2 at the end of June 2015.

Q. Will the Thinwire enhancements be available in FP2, and will it be for Desktop and Server OS?
A. ThinWire Plus tech preview will be available as part of the Windows 10 VDA Tech Preview being released in July.

Q. What do we lose by installing this on 2008 r2, or can we install it on 2008 r2.
A. You lose nothing in terms of features or functionality.

Q. When will UPS 7.6 be available?
A. UPS 7.6 has been available since Oct 2014. There will be a Tech Preview for the updated Universal Printer Server, which will be released in July (with the Windows 10 VDA Tech Preview)

Q. Is there a release date for the XenApp 6.5 feature pack?
A. XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack will be released on June 30th together with the corresponding Feature Pack for XenApp 7.6 / XenDesktop 7.6. Features include StoreFront 3.0 and the new Receivers, RealTime Optimization Pack 1.8, Director upgrade to 7.6.300, Provisioning Services 7.6, AppDNA 7.6, XenServer 6.5 SP1, Universal Print Server 7.6, and the License Server 11.12.1

Q. Will the “Universal Receiver” avoid client side Receiver installs?
A. Universal Receiver is an umbrella term for the different Receiver clients. The HTML5 Receiver offers “Clientless Access” in the sense that you do not need to install any client side software.

Q. Will this new XenApp version be available for Solaris 10 server?
A. No. The current XenApp / XenDesktop platforms are for Windows Server platforms. MetaFrame for Unix and Citrix Presentation Server for Unix have been discontinued. The alternative would be to use the Linux Virtual Desktop that will be released with FP2 and deploy Suse or RedHat Server or Desktop OS’s from there.

Q. Hello, I would like to know what license level will be needed to use Linux Virtual Desktop?
A. The Linux Virtual Desktop will be available in the Enterprise and Platinum editions.

Q. What sort of Citrix Receiver upgrade capabilities are baked into StoreFront 3 or Citrix Receiver Tech Preview, if any?
A. As with any Tech Preview, I would recommend removing the Tech Preview versions before installing the final released versions.

Q. Is a Windows version of the DesktopPlayer Tech Preview already available?
A. Yes, the DesktopPlayer Technology Preview is currently available on Citrix.com.  Note, you will be required to login to access the Tech Preview.

Q. How does the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack work when users are coming into the environment via an Access Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)?
A. For details on remote access with the Optimization Pack, please see CTX201116.  The ICA virtual channels are secured through the NetScaler Gateway. Audio and video are delivered out-of-band from ICA and secured via the Microsoft Skype/Lync Edge Server or an IPSec VPN that supports native [un-encapsulated] UDP traffic.

Q. Does AppDisk require XenServer as hypervisor?
A. While the tech preview or beta may be limited to a single hypervisor there is no technical limitation of AppDisk to any particular hypervisor. Citrix has historically supported all our major features across the three main hypervisor platforms.”

Q. Are there any additional articles available to read on AppDisk?
A. Not at the moment.

Q. Due to the requirement of our application’s dependency we need users to launch all the application from one server (which ever server they connected first) even if we have four servers in farm, is there any way to implement it.”
A. This will happen by default as the system is designed to session share which means requests for additional apps will come from same server (as long as the app is present) and published as part of the same delivery group.

Q. Do you have any stats on the percentage of implementations on XenServer vs. other hypervisors?
A. Through the Customer Experience Improvement Program, Citrix is able to collect anonymous data about hypervisor usage when customers opt-in to the program. This data shows that the majority of implementations use XenServer. This data is a sample of the installed base and might not reflect all segments, industries and geographies equally.

Q. Do the Framehawk features require an upgrade to XenApp 7.6 or will the features be available in 6.5?
A. Framehawk will require XenApp 7.6 or above

Q. When will the “application limiting and importance feature (limit instances of applications)” be included in XenApp 7.x?
A. These are currently on the Roadmap for future versions.

Q. Will there be H.264 hardware encoding on NVIDIA GRID K2 in an upcoming release?
A. Currently, H.264 hardware encoding is used in a limited way, for transcoding in conjunction with HDX Windows Media Redirection (see http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/xenapp-xendesktop-76/xad-policies-settings-multimedia.html, “Use GPU for optimizing Windows Media multimedia redirection over WAN”). Broader use of H.264 hardware encoding has not been announced.

Q. Can you please provide more details on the iOS VPN client? How does it differ from Worx Home functionality for XenMobile?
A. iOS VPN client is a full SSL VPN plugin that offers a full tunnel SSL VPN for the device. This means all the apps on the device access data over an SSL VPN tunnel. It also offers a per app tunnel for all corporate applications. WorxHome offers per app (MicroVPN) tunnel for Worx apps only.

Q. Is Content Switching is the mechanism behind one URL?
A. Yes. It is.

Q. When will Insight be able to display phone OS network stats?
A. This is on the roadmap. However, we cannot commit to a date just yet.

Q. Will there be a Virtual appliance version of NetScaler with Unified Gateway?
A. Yes. There will be a virtual appliance version of NetScaler with Unified Gateway. In general, there is no difference in software, whether NetScaler is a hardware appliance or a software appliance.

Q. Will there be an upgrade path from NetScaler VPX 10 to 11?
A. Yes. You will need to get the latest version of NetScaler 11 software. For Unified Gateway, you will need NetScaler Enterprise or Platinum license.

Q. Does the NetScaler support Cloud based idP/SAML like Onelogin and Okta, for 2-Factor?
A. Yes. NetScaler supports any idP/SAML provider so long they support SAML 2.0 standards.

Q. Is the NetScaler going to support VMware NSX functionality/integration?
A. We do not support VMware NSX at this point. However, it is on our roadmap.

Q. What is the difference between per app VPN and the current micro VPN in XenMobile?
A. MicroVPN in XenMobile is applicable for Worx apps. Per app VPN is a NetScaler feature only for iOS platform that offers per app VPN for any corporate app.

Q. What effect will the decoupling and disintegration of the Gateway plugin have for those using the Basic Proxy?
A. Gateway plugin is not offered with basic proxy. You will need universal license to get Gateway plugin.

Q. Is NetScaler with Unified Gateway a different edition of NetScaler or is this a licensed feature, that can be turned on or off by license key?
A. Unified Gateway is part of the NetScaler Enterprise and Platinum licenses, depending on the features one is looking for. You will also need to upgrade NetScaler to 11.0 version to get Unified Gateway features.

Q. What version of NetScaler do we need for the director information?
A. You will need NetScaler 10.1 or above.

Q. Will Framehawk be supported by NetScaler 10.5?
A. No. It is supported starting 11.0

Q. Does that unified access work with 3rd party VPN solutions? say Cisco Anyconnect?
A. Yes, but it may depend on the use case.

Q. Will NetScaler 11 have advanced HTTP-ECV Text based monitors than 10.5?
A. No new monitors are being added in 11.0.

Q. How Does NetScaler work with DesktopPlayer?
A. DesktopPlayer can work in online and offline mode. In online mode, the connection can be proxied through NetScaler. Offline mode doesn’t have any connections from the client machine, hence NetScaler will not into picture.

Q. Will there be a java version of the NetScaler 11 codebase?
A. The old Java-version is continued as it is.