The WorxNotes web app (Tech Preview) is designed to offer secure note-taking capabilities to end users already working on WorxNotes from their mobile devices.

Currently, the WorxNotes web app is available for Tech Preview for customers already using WorxNotes and ShareFile (ShareFile credentials are required).

The WorxNotes web app server is hosted at:

WorxNotes web app uses Sharefile as backend storage. Hence customers using WorxNotes with ShareFile can leverage this offering.

What configuration changes are needed to make use of WorxNotes web app?

Changes include:

  • ShareFile domain (ShareFile domain admin credentials needed)
  • XenMobile server & associated Access Gateway

ShareFile configuration

  • Login with admin credentials to the ShareFile domain which currently is being used as backend for WorxNotes XenMobile
  • Go to ‘Admin’ tab  and open ‘Configure Single Sign-On’ section. Below is what your screen should look like:


  • Login URL’ value is to be updated for the Worxnotes for Web SSO to work. This will not break existing SAML SSO flow for WorxNotes XenMobile.
  • Change this to “https://<netscaler-fqdn>/cginfra/https/<appc-fqdn>:443/samlsp/<SAML_AppName>&reqtype=1&nssso=true”
  • Above will be used for redirection for authentication when ShareFile attempts SAML based  SSO. Here employee authentication is assumed to be taken care by Access Gateway on Netscaler.
  • Refer this to get details, about SAML AppName , used in above URL for XenMobile 9 and this for XenMobile 10 server.

Xenmobile Server and AccessGateway configuration

  • For Netscaler Gateways version 10.1 or 10.5 and above, use this link

Validate the configuration as described here

Please post queries as comments here about any deployment issues with above for making WorxNotes for web work.