ecoSignature allows handwritten electronic signatures in Citrix XenApp environments, using the Wacom signpad.

edatalia data solutions, SL’s handwritten signatures may be digitized during the signing process instead of scanning them from paper by using a wide range of Wacom Signpads. They allow a gradual move from paper-based documentation to electronic forms and straight-through processing, as well as upgrading the quality of signature verification in general. A proper comparison of static signature characteristics and dynamic signature signals requires a digitizing instrument that is taking a sufficient amount of time signals.

Aside from the cost and compatibility benefits of signature pads and software, ecoSignature solutions capture the highest-quality and most forensically-robust electronic signatures and bind them to electronic documents. Digital signatures are a legally binding way to affirm your agreement to PDF documents.

Integrity and security checks can detect and prevent fraud before it happens. ecoSignature provide eSignature capability that exceeds the european eSignature laws.

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