Citrix has put heightened emphasis on giving our partners the right tools and resources to be successful at the right time.

To that end, Citrix is excited to announce the all-new Citrix Enablement Training website. This site is a single entry point to free pre-sales training courses, including both Sales and Technical courses. Through this training, Citrix hopes to enhance your Citrix pre-sales skills, so that you can more effectively and efficiently promote Citrix!

The site offers a broad range of on-demand eLearning courses, including self-paced labs, in addition to allowing students to enroll in instructor guided training offerings. The content covered in these courses is geared towards Sales and Sales Engineers and includes the new releases of NetScaler, XenMobile, and XenDesktop, as well as Synergy Learning Lab hands-on training! This will provide you access to the courses that our internal team has; however, partner landing page has been developed to make it easier to find what you need.

The site features:

  • Skills Pathway:  Courses are organized using the new Skills Pathway which categorizes courses in a progressive order to facilitate a building block approach to acquiring new skills.
  • Full Library Access:  In addition to the feature courses on the skills pathway, you can also search the library for additional material!   The Library provides sorting and filtering capabilities by course level and content type to help you hone in on the right courses.
  • Course Resources & On-demand Labs:  Course materials and linked resources are available for download under the “Resources Tab”.  Hands on lab environments are also accessible for classes that have associated exercises.
  • iLearn:  ECC offers a personalized area called iLearn, that keeps track of the courses you’ve taken, provides access to materials after the class, and makes it easy to re-launch any  on-demand courses you’ve previously launched.

There are 50 courses already available and more are being added every day.  To get started, log on to today with your Citrix account and start your learning today!

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