Citrix Synergy TV Networking

We have gathered for you–all in one place–all the networking sessions from Synergy. You heard us right: ALL.

Queued up and ready for viewing are everything you wanted to know about NetScaler, CloudBridge, and how they work not just with Citrix suite of products, but how they make the apps you already love better.

Some great product updates and technical presentations are available on demand, anytime you want them, so make your choice!

NetScaler Sessions

SYN214: What’s new with NetScaler

SYN309: What’s new with NetScaler Gateway

SYN212: Software Defined Networking (SDN), delivered by Citrix and Cisco

SYN308: The five newest, coolest NetScaler features

SYN211: Securing the next-gen dynamic datacenter

SYN216: Why NetScaler is the best front end for Microsoft and web apps View here

SYN215: Application visibility for Citrix and other enterprise applications with Insight Center

SYN306: NetScaler MobileStream: business benefits of NetScaler in the mobile world

CloudBridge Sessions

SYN208: CloudBridge: what’s new and what’s hot

SYN210: Scale WAN bandwidth while increasing reliability with CloudBridge virtual WAN solution

NetScaler for XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile

SYN307: Performance of a NetScaler in a combined XenDesktop and XenMobile environment

SYN404: NetScaler Gateway with Citrix desktops and apps: the ultimate how-to guide for successful deployments

SYN209: Optimize XenDesktop and enterprise apps across a virtualized WAN with CloudBridge