Video has gradually become one of the principal mediums, customers like to interact with, before making a purchasing decision. Find out how you can leverage the Spotlight Video Contest 2015 to reach out to your prospective customers via videos.

Spotlight ContestAt Citrix Ready, we’ve experienced how content marketing can empower your product reach. If you are a Citrix Ready partner, you’d be excited to hear this—we’ve just launched a fun video contest, and I’d like to encourage all the Citrix Ready partners to participate. The basic premise of this contest is to spread the word about partner products and solutions. We believe that our partners have developed an impeccable line of Citrix-compatible products and solutions. And, these products can go a long way in helping our existing customers solve many of their business challenges. So, here’s an opportunity to reach out to these customers through videos.

Visual content has proved, time and again, to have a positive impact on customers evaluating products. According to comScore, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. The trend is similar at several geographies and channels. Hence, brands can really leverage this medium by creating content that is engaging as well as relevant. I am sure many of you are already involved in video projects, and can directly benefit from this contest. If you are not, let this be your stepping stone!

We’ve kept the process to participate in this contest rather simple. Choose from a category of technologies, create and submit an engaging video, highlight your product’s Citrix-compatibility, and consequently promote your video to ask for votes. You can get more details on the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2015 landing page.

With several promotional activities planned, all the participants stand to gain from the contest. Let me try and answer the principal question for your businesses—what’s in it for me?

  • Co-branding – We’ll co-brand all the approved videos. This can help you garner added confidence in your products among viewers.
  • Enriched Marketplace profile – Your marketplace profile is the first point of contact for Citrix customers looking for third-party products. An enriched profile page can help you generate as well as engage leads.
  • Hosting on YouTube/Citrix TV – While Citrix Ready YouTube channel hosts and showcases partner videos to the world, Citrix TV is a great resource to promote your videos internally. As a bonus, we’ll feature your video at both these properties.
  • Social Media promotions – We reach out to a large follower base everyday through several social media channels. All the finalist videos will be aggressively promoted through these channels.
  • Special campaigns – Citrix Ready team will specifically promote finalist videos via special campaigns. This is your chance to reach out to your prospective customers.

Not to forget, there are grand prizes for the winners. So, are you ready? Here’s how you can submit your video. Hurry, the deadline is 17th July, 2015!