Last week we hosted 300 Government employees, contractors and partners at our annual Mobility Government Summit in Washington, DC.

Several Citrix executives presented their vision of how agencies are transitioning towards the Software-defined Government Workplace. This is being driven by the rapid adoption of the Software-defined Datacenter, the move to  Cloud Services ($2.3B projected spend this year), the increased concern about Security ($12.9B projected spend this year) and the rise of the mobile-first mantra for end-user computing and Govt services.

Citrix believes the Software Defined Workplace for Government will incorporate the following elements:

  • Security as a cornerstone, incorporating device, network and data-center security solutions to provide an end-to-end security message around securing what counts most: Government Data.
  • A formal BYO policy for Devices, with some agencies even considering a BYOD-first policy to realize cost savings from the plethora of mobile devices available today for cost effective ubiquitous computing.
  • Expansion of telework policies to enable full time telework where optimal and the incorporation of flex-working spaces for Govt office buildings. Potentially producing saving on real-estate costs by budgeting office space for only a portion of the population.
  • Next-Gen Public Cloud based services (beyond utility computing) for everything from End-User Productivity (Email, Mobility Mgmt, Collaboration, Doc Sharing, etc) to IT systems mgmt. and orchestration driving the “cost of IT” services down.
  • Delivery Networks optimized for Mobile Workspaces offering high performance anywhere access for Apps and Data, while ensuring Gov’t datacenters are protected from malicious attackers.

How do agencies build a solution to help drive the move to Software-Defined Workplace?

Using a Secure Mobile Workspace – a workspace the seamlessly brings together all apps, data, devices and services that can be accessed while mobile. The morning sessions were focused on how to build out these workspaces incorporating the latest innovations in virtualization, enterprise mobility and delivery networks from Citrix.

Some of the highlights from the sessions as to why agencies are leveraging Citrix technologies to build out Mobile Workspaces:

  • Citrix is both the industry and Government leader  for app and desktop virtualization – with over 2 million users in the US Government alone!
  • User Experience is key for success – our 25-year history with HDX technologies delivers an unbeatable user experience over any network (LAN, WAN, SAT, 3G/4G)
  • In these budget constrained times, agencies don’t want vendor lock-in. We provide hypervisor-agnostic, cloud-agnostic solutions to ensure your backend platform doesn’t dictate what Mobile Workspace solution you can use.
  • Security is at the forefront of everyone’s minds — we can help fulfill 2 factor auth requirements with adoption of HSPD-12 across almost any endpoint using Citrix Receiver (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android).
  • Compliance helps ensure oversight doesn’t become a problem with your Mobile Workspace solution. With Common Criteria Certification and native FIPS 140-2 Compliance, you can rest assured you’ve checked the compliance boxes with a Citrix solution.

The rest of the day provided several forums for Government leaders discussing their strides in mobility, telework and next-gen IT initiatives. Our expo floor featured several partners including four of our own booths showcasing hi performance virtual desktops, BYOD solutions, Enterprise Mobility and Deliver networks.

Since agencies have been in the news recently regarding data security, we wrapped up the day with a session on securing your agency and with a great closing by Howard Schmidt, former Cyber Czar to the Obama administration. His comments regarding how agencies should focus on the low hanging fruit, thus allowing Government to focus cyber defenses on the “tough stuff” is well-advised.

We also announced the new Citrix User Group Community in DC and for Government last week. Click the link below to register and join a local user group today to sync with your peers to discuss everything Citrix.

Want to learn more about the Software-defined Workplace for Government? Check out our website: and our hashtag #CitrixMobilityDC for more details about the event. As always, you can follow us on Twitter to learn when our next event is coming – @CitrixPublicSec

Did you attend the show? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments section below.