Mobile device management is hot – and mobile device security is important.

So far, 2015 has been a pivotal year for service providers – and for end users who realized the opportunity of anytime, anywhere mobile workspaces. From a Citrix Service Provider perspective, we are tracking 5 big trends that are driving the global hosted services market. Share your trends on the Citrix Service Provider LinkedIn group and on Twitter via @citrixcsp.

Top 5 Hosted Services Trends for 2015

1)      Mobility is important. (Click to tweet) Ask a customer to count how many mobile devices are in their organization. Does each user have a phone, tablet (at least one) and laptop? How are they securing them? Mobile device management is hot – and mobile device security is important. Expanding your hosted services business into also offering hosted mobility could offer mobile device management, hosted mobile apps like WorxMail and WorxWeb, and more. See this First Key mortgage hosted mobility case study to learn why mobility is important to hosted services buyers.

2)      End users want control – for everything. Let them have it. (Click to tweet) For Citrix Service Providers, delivering flexibility to tenants starts with the subscriber –and extends to the self-service onboarding opportunity. One of my personal highlights so far in 2015 was a story from a UK end user (tenant) of a service provider. The firm has their secretary onboard new users using the Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager self-service portal.  A new employee joins the staff – the secretary enters their basic information into the portal, allowing the service provider to instantly provision a virtual desktop for the new employee.  My favorite part of this story was what happens when the secretary goes on holiday – the firm’s receptionist takes over adding new employees. Reduce the IT burden and streamline the employee onboarding experience at the same time.

3)      Vertical approach delivers higher value. (Click to tweet) Repeatedly Citrix hears from service providers who are winning with a vertical approach. Specializing in one vertical, whether it is medical, financial services, or another top vertical —  saves time, delivers expertise, and helps find “more like me” buyers. Citrix Service Providers explain their success in vertical markets in the Global DaaS Market Survey – download it to hear from actual service providers in vertical specializations.

4)      Hosted services buyers want to alleviate headaches.  (Click to tweet) For a small business, IT isn’t usually a specialty – or someone’s actual full time job. The company owner, business manager or office practice manager doesn’t want to be the person in charge of determining how a potential security threat affects servers.

A recent Desktops-as-a-Service case study outlined this perfectly: a tenant representative, the chief development officer of a financial services planned giving firm, said “I’m not an IT expert by any means. And the simple fact is that I can’t do my primary job if I’m spending all my time loading software updates.” Outsourcing IT to a service provider and accessing critical business applications through Desktops-as-a-Service is key to empowering hosted services tenants to go back to focusing on their day job.

5)      Reduce infrastructure investments, but deliver high-class application experiences. (Click to tweet)  Hosted services buyers want to alleviate headaches. Citrix Service Providers are taking advantage of recent Citrix investments in supporting high definition graphical apps (HDX apps) and working with the latest versions of XenApp and XenDesktop to provide beautiful app experiences, even with 3D, CAD and other high- intensity graphical applications. A new case study features an Australia architecture and design firm that slowed the need for a hardware upgrade, reduced accidental data loss, and greatly improved user experience by working with Citrix service provider-based hosted services for complex 3D imagery applications.

Looking ahead: Is 2015 the Year of DaaS?

It’s an ever-present industry topic – “is this the year of DaaS?” Is 2015 the year that the Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) market drives a tremendous amount of market interest?

We’re just wrapping up the 2015 survey period for the Global DaaS Market Report, surveying the thousands of Citrix Service Providers around the world who run their hosted services businesses on Citrix technology. We’ll look to trend responses around delivering monthly pay-as-you-go subscription services to hosted apps, desktops mobility and file sharing — Citrix Service Providers are a key segment of the overall hosting market. We’re excited to share the results of the survey with you later this year.

In the meantime, let’s discuss what trends have affected your service provider business so far in 2015? How have end user demands for DaaS – and these key trends – changed your business plan?

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