When users complain about slow VDI performance, most often not it’s not because of an issue in the Citrix environment, but because of applications, web servers, databases, and other factors. In these cases, the Citrix engineer must “prove the negative,” or demonstrate that the cause of the issue is outside of the Citrix environment.

In the video below, Citrix CTP John Smith walks through the Citrix monitoring capabilities of the ExtraHop platform, which performs wire data analytics to help Citrix engineers see the cause of slow performance.

Today, John is a Solutions Architect at ExtraHop, but before that he spent over  15 years as a Citrix engineer and architect. He estimates that when troubleshooting Citrix environments, roughly 70 percent of the time the cause of the problem lay outside of the Citrix environment.

With wire data analytics, you can quickly see important Citrix metrics, such as application launch times by server, login times by user, load times by subnet, and ICA channel activity. But more importantly, you can correlate these metrics with back-end performance across your entire infrastructure—the  network, storage, database, and other infrastructure tiers.

Watch the video to see how this works and how you can “prove the negative” with wire data!

If you are interested in how to simplify troubleshooting for Citrix environments, we’re hosting a joint webinar with the Citrix Ready team on June 25. Titled Avoid the Blame Game with ExtraHop Wire Data Analytics, this webinar will feature a demo of the ExtraHop solution run by John Smith.