1.    Pre-Requisites

I am using the following components and versions to extract the logs

  1. Mac OS- Yosemite 10.10.x
  2. Xcode(6.3.2) installed on the Mac system
  3. iOS console app(Version 0.9.8 (47))-App can be downloaded from lemonjar.com.
  4. WorxHome( app installed on the device
  5. A user enrolled using WroxHome and have access to WorxStore.
  6. WorxMail installed on device.

2.    View and Extract Running logs from an iOS device

1.1.   View and Extract Device logs from Xcode

How to validate if you have Xcode installed on your system?

1. One way to find is go to Finder –>Applications: Look for the Xcode icon. If present you have the Xcode installed.

Other way is:

You can use command: xcode-select –p in the terminal window

If the outcome of the above command is:


Xcode package is already installed.

a) View console logs in Xcode

Connect your iOS device to the Mac system using USB

Launch Xcode–>Window–>Devices

Select your device from the left panel
Clear the existing logs by clicking on the Clear console icon at the bottom right corner of Xcode screen.
Now you can see the logs on the screen of your current activities on the device including the background activities.
b) Extract Logs

In order to save the running logs.

Reproduce the issue or start working on your device on a the app you wanted to capture the logs. After the issue is reproduced click on the Save Console icon bottom right corner Xcode screen as shown in below:

1.2.    Using 3rd party app to collect console logs

iOS Console App

If you don’t have Xcode installed, still wants to capture the device logs you can install third party apps such as lemon jar.

1. Download the app via this link http://lemonjar.com/iosconsole/

2. Once downloaded you can extract the zip file it will contain an app called iOS Console.

3. Connect your device to the Mac system using a USB, iOS console will launch automatically or launch the app from the Applications.

4. Click on Clear Display and start to capture the logs. Here in the screen shot below I have launched an native device mail app com.apple.mail.message

5. You can copy the content from the iOS app and share it via an email client.

1.3.    How to collect WorxApps logs

App Specific Logs

Once your iOS device is enrolled to the XMS server you will be able to see the WorxStore which has WorxApps published for the user.Next part of this blog contains steps to view and extract logs from WorxApps. Follow the below process to capture the Worxapp specific logs:

1. Launch WorxHome–>Tap on the arrow on the right top of the My Apps screen or you can swipe from right to left.

2. You will see WorxHome Support screen, which will also provide you the connection status.

3. Tap on the icon below Need help? You will get a pop up Choose App screen, which have icons of all the WorxApps installed on your device along with the WorrHome icon.

4. Lets see how to go about collecting logs for Worx Home app. When you tap on Worx Home you will get a screen two options to turn ON/OFF.

  • Reset log level after sending mail
  • Send using WorxMail

Turn both the options to ON if not by default

5. Before we send the log we need to make sure we have enough debug information in the logs for the engineering to look into the issue.

Next screen is to validate the log level set and how to increase the log level. For that click on the setting wheel small icon on the top of the Create Log screen.

You will get a screen Select level, which will display the log level set, by default it’s set to level 4 info message.

6. Change the log level to 15 which is Debug 10

7. Log destination by default is set to Log to File.

8. Save the changes

9. Since we have changed the log level we need to reproduce the issue. Select Reproduce Issue from the screen.

10.Once the issue is reproduced, come back to Create Log screen and tap on Send Log

11.Since we have select WorxMail as an app to send the logs, make sure you have WorxMail already installed on your device.

If you have WorxMail already installed you will get the compose section of WorxMail with some information along with the Logs.zip file.

Disclaimer:  The environment that I have used is strictly for demonstration purposes, please make sure that you keep track of third party licenses and copyrights when using a third party product.