XenMobile: Configuring PAC file on WorxWeb

The following document describes the method to configure PAC file support on WorxWeb.

Credits: Many thanks to Vagish, for helping us with this document.

Disclaimer: The environment that I have used is strictly for demonstration purposes, please make sure that you keep track of third party licenses and copyrights when using a third party product.

Traffic Flow:

  • When you configure WorxWeb for full VPN tunneling with your PAC file or proxy server:
    • WorxWeb sends all traffic to the proxy through NetScaler Gateway, which then routes traffic according to the proxy configuration rules.
    • In this configuration, NetScaler Gateway is unaware of the PAC file or proxy server. The traffic flow is the same as for full VPN tunneling without PAC.

1.1 Pre-requisites

1)      Proxy Server.

2)      PAC File hosted.

1.2 Hosting PAC File

This Section – is truly for educational purpose. So that if you don’t have a PAC file hosted, and if you want to experience/demo quickly, you may want to go through this section. There are other ways to host PAC file which are not discussed here.


1.           Open IIS Manager; Right Click on Sites and click on Add WebSite
2.           Add the site name.Under Content Directory, select the physical path.
3.           Browse to select the folder where pac file is located. Sample PAC file is discussed in Appendix.
4.           Under Binding enter the hostname (make sure that hostname is resolved in DNS).
5.           Note that the site is created.

6.           Click on MIME Type for the site.

7.           Click  Add on MIME Types window.
8.           Add the file name extension and MIME Type as shown:application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
9.           Make sure the the MIME Type .pac is added.

10.          Create a Host record for PAC site created in the steps above, such that it is resolved by DNS.

1.3 Configuring WorxWeb MDX Policies


1.           Logon to XMS Server


2.           Go to Configure tab and click on Apps.

3.           Edit WorxWeb app.

4.           Hit Next

5.           Scroll down to Network Access section of MDX Policies.
6.           Make Sure Full VPN Tunnel is selected. Make Sure the Permit VPN Mode Switching is set to OFF. 
7.           Enter the PAC file URL and hit NextNote:The syntax of PAC file URL and Proxy Server is discussed in the Appendix.Please make sure that the PAC file is working before making changing WorxWeb policies.

8.           Click Next

9.           Select the Delivery Group and select Save.

WorxWeb Configurations are now complete.

1.4  Appendix

Example PAC file URLs:

  • http[s]://example.com/proxy.pac
  • http[s]://

Example proxy servers (port is required):

  • myhost.example.com:port

Sample PAC File Examples:

Note: Kindly excuse grammatical and formatting errors.