During this year’s Synergy keynote, our CEO, Mark Templeton, highlighted experience as one of the three key pillars driving Citrix. For us, experience isn’t limited to our products – it’s important that every interaction with our company is a great experience.

In that spirit, the CX team setup some unique experiences at Synergy to show our customers that we’re listening to them.

Using journey mapping and visual sketchnoting, we captured customer comments, feedback and stories live on the show floor — and our customers had a lot to tell us. Here are the top three IT challenges customers told us about:

#1 — End User Adoption. IT teams are excited about rolling out new Citrix products or upgrades, but with one major problem: their employees like the old, familiar setups and are weary of the new stuff. Demonstrating the value and benefits of Citrix products to end users is crucial to getting end users onboard. If users have a bad experience, even one time, they’re likely to be even more opposed to change in the future. Sound familiar? One of our customers at the show put it best: “Sometimes even the best technology can’t overcome cultural barriers.”

#2 — Changing Workforce. The employees that companies are hiring today aren’t the same people that they hired ten or even five years ago. It used to be that employees were happy just to receive a company laptop, but now they’re demanding the ability to work from tablets or phones – even bringing in their own devices that aren’t company-sanctioned. Adding mobility solutions and BYOD programs can be a confusing, overwhelming project and customers are looking to us for guidance and best practices.

#3 — Security. Not only are employees bringing their own devices to work, they’re also finding their own ways of sharing data. Sending files with consumer-grade file sharing services like Dropbox may cause vulnerability to important company data. Recent major security breaches in the media are putting even more focus and pressure on IT teams to provide solid data protection. Our customers are seeking solutions that allow for flexibility and speed, while maintaining the integrity of their company’s data.

These three trends certainly weren’t the only topics we heard about at the show. Customers told us about many other things on their minds like migration concerns, product feature requests and ways that they’re using our products that we never would have thought about!

We hear you.

But what’s next? We want to make sure that the right teams at Citrix also hear these comments and understand the big challenges. The first step is visibility and awareness.

We’ve taken some of the larger assets and have replicated them in our offices, exactly how they appeared at the show. No prettying up or softening the comments – feedback appears exactly as it was told to us.

We’ve gone through all of the customer stories and comments and are reporting it up the chain to product teams and Citrix leadership. The comments, photos and sketchnotes will be shared in their original form and are being delivered to our executives this week so they, too, can see the captured emotions surrounding the IT challenges our customers are facing.

Finally, we’re publishing a report very similar to this article that will go out to all Citrix employees in the next few weeks, giving all of us a chance to review and reflect on what our customers told us at Synergy. 

These are just the first steps. Over the coming weeks, I’ll share more information on the specific activities we arranged at Synergy and the insights we learned from our customers. So please, stay tuned and continue to share your voice with us.

Do you have something to tell us? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on Twitter at @CitrixCX or send us an email to cxlistens@citrix.com and tell us what’s challenging you.