Steps to extract WorxHome Logs

Only the XME version of WinPhone 8.1 WorxHome has the ability to gether the WorxHome log from devices (MDM WorxHome doesn’t)


On Windows Phone device, go to WorxHome, tap “” at the bottom.Tap “support” to open support window


In the WorxHome support page, tap the Worx Home icon



In Share window, tap one of the native email accounts to send out an email with “” attached.(Note:You need to have at least one Exchange account configured on your device.)

Steps to view/extract windows device running logs

We may use any third party packet capturing/monitoring tool to route the windows phone traffic through it and monitor the packets. In this example we are using Fiddler.

(Disclaimer: This blog has been prepared using internal test environment. we are using a trial version of this app and the options may vary depending on the version change. Please make sure that you keep track of  third party licenses and copyrights when using third party products)



Download fiddler and install it on your PC.(Note:  Fiddler pre-requisite is to have .NET installed. Based on the version of .NET installed you may go ahead and download the Fiddler. In this case I am using Fiddler for .NET4)


Launch the Fiddler applciationGo to Tools, Fiddler Options


Click the ConnectionsTab

Enable the option “Allow remote computers to connect

The default listener port number is 8888



Click on the HTTPS tab

Enable Decrypt HTTPS traffic

Click OK



Restart the Fiddler application



Once the Fiddler app is re-opened, click on File and make sure that the Capture Traffic option is checked.The ‘Capturing’ option will also show up at the bottom left corner of the Fiddler window. 


Go to the WiFi settingsof the windows device from which you intend to capture the running logs.Tap on the WiFi network to which device is connected.Enable proxy.


Enter the IP or the server URL of the PC on which fiddler is installedEnter the fiddler port number 8888Tap on the  to Save the setting



Open Internet Explore and access the URL http://FiddlerServerIP-Address:8888(FiddlerServerIP-Address is the IP address of the PC on which the fiddler app is installed)Tap on FiddlerRoot certificate to install the fiddler cert



Tap Open



Tap on the image that reads “Tap to open FifflerRoot.cer


Tap install to install the fiddler root certificate


Tap OK upon successful installation of the certificate

View running logs of the windows device


The below screen shot is an example of the logs captured while trying to enroll a windows device. We can export the logs or debug using the built in tools provided by the app.