Citrix Workspace Cloud word cloudCloud first: it’s an approach that consumers expect and IT leaders are now aiming to fulfill.

Citrix customers, partners and market leaders agree – the game is changing and we need to anticipate and adapt to a new way of work. In many cases, the technologies that customers and partners know and love are still going to be essential for delivering business apps, desktops, data and communication in the way end users expect. But in a cloud first world and the “Experience Economy” environment, a shift to the cloud helps everyone to be more flexible, find more efficiency and meet the demands of end users.

Citrix Workspace Cloud is a new platform to combine trusted Citrix technologies plus exciting new offerings to drive a clear, even more user focused approach to delivering secure mobile workspaces. Workspace Cloud is a single cloud management platform where IT can design and deliver a broad set of workspace services that enable secure access to apps, data and IT tools.

Learn more in this video – Workspace Cloud: How it Works

Citrix Partners: Driving a Cloud First Strategy

Citrix partners are already thinking cloud first. Strategic partners are sharing feedback from their enterprise customers who are looking to the cloud for capacity, security and scalability. Service providers are driving nearly 50% year over year demand for subscription-based services from Citrix, showing the as-a-Service market is real and anticipated to grow.

The Citrix partner community is poised to introduce a new way of transforming not just the business of their customers, but also their own internal processes and delivery mechanisms. A cloud first strategy can drive potential business efficiencies, new services opportunities and new customer markets.

Workspace Cloud: Choice, Clouds and User Experience

A cloud first world involves choice – choice to deliver on any infrastructure – public, private or hybrid cloud – or on premises. It includes flexibility to move some users to the cloud and keep others tied to an on-premises setup. Business needs can drive choice of clouds – and with Workspace Cloud, Citrix empowers IT to make choices about deployment locations.

It’s been exciting to hear the feedback from the tech preview community as they explored Workspace Cloud. Just before Citrix Synergy, Citrix employees had an early preview of the Workspace Cloud Test Drive – their response and feedback was amazing.

At Citrix Synergy, Citrix invited thousands around the world to take a look at Workspace Cloud with Test Drive, a fast way to take a look at the IT experience and deploy actual workspaces to users. Workspace Cloud Test Drives have been experienced on six continents – we’re working on Antarctica – and feedback has been positive.

Your Invitation: Take a Workspace Cloud Test Drive

See what the buzz is about. Take a Workspace Cloud Test Drive and get ready for a cloud first approach to delivering complete workspaces.