Citrix Releases New Specialization in Networking for Data Center
In today’s IT landscape, organizations face the challenges of making their applications more agile especially considering they are moving to the cloud or being offered as a service.

Yes, the evolution of the software-defined network is here and Citrix has a vision to achieve success that not only enables customers, but also supports partners.

Customers at Synergy experienced the unveiling of new Citrix networking products designed to deliver simplified, reliable mobile workspaces worldwide and learned first-hand about the Citrix vision for the software-defined network.

Partners at Synergy welcomed the eagerly anticipated release of the Networking for Data Center specialization, the fourth specialization to follow three other specializations – Virtualization, Mobility Management and Networking for App and Mobile Strategy – which were all announced during Summit in January.

A new partner opportunity to show greater expertise

A Citrix Specialist designation attests to a partner’s technical skills, helping you drive technically focused engagements, increase customer satisfaction, stand out as a best-in-class solution provider and achieve business growth and profitability.

Specialization help highly-qualified partners differentiate from generalists and offer benefits that run the gamut from financial rewards to exclusive services practice development content and stronger engagement with Citrix Sales.

Partners qualified in Networking for Data Center will possess technical and sales expertise in optimizing, securing and controlling the delivery of enterprise and cloud services built on Citrix NetScaler and Citrix CloudBridge. Partners will have documented customer projects that validate their successful implementation of enterprise cloud networking solutions.

3 Steps to Start Networking for Data Center

Step 1: The practicum, which simulates a Citrix engagement, presents a case study statement of work to be completed in a virtual lab environment. The practicum is now available and can be taken by any individual who holds the required Citrix Certified Professional-Networking (CCP-N) certification.

Step 2: A voucher code is required for registration and may be purchased from your Citrix Distributor. The voucher code consists of 9 numbers broken up into 3 segments with dashes (i.e. ###-###-###). Partners should not submit a request using SKU codes, phone numbers, names, etc.

Step 3: Partners can register now for the practicum.

Step up to Specialist

Learn about requirements and benefits by visiting Citrix Specialist and view the new Citrix Partner Incentives deck.

As you meet the specialization requirements, track your progress through the Specialist Progress Manager tool.

Read the Specialist Practicum FAQ for step-by-step guidance and visit Citrix Specialization Practicum on to get started.

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