Be A Citrix MixologistBuilding your mixed app and desktop playlist.

In my last post, I likened the possibilities within HP Moonshot and Citrix Mobile Workspaces to deejay mashups like these (you’re welcome, by the way), but we didn’t come close to covering all the things we can do.

With an architecture like HP Moonshot, the ability to build and design an all-in-one solution allows IT professionals to build a series of Mobile Workspaces to solve business and user needs from one single platform and do it in one chassis. In the case of remote branch office, the architect might need to simplify the infrastructure to help deliver core services such as XenApp controllers, XenDesktop controllers, NetScaler VPX, Provisioning Services, and XenMobile (coming soon).

Since many of the core Citrix services can be virtualized deploying those on a Moonshot cartridge, this can be simple and allow all a majority of communication to travel from east to west inside the chassis. This type of design reduces complexity and dependencies in scenarios such as this. Let’s take a look at the different hardware cartridges that can run side-by-side with XenApp and XenDesktop in the same Moonshot chassis.

Mixing your playlist hardware.

Now that we know we can deliver XenApp and XenDesktop on one chassis, let’s look at what hardware we will need for the infrastructure workloads.

In the HP Moonshot platform, we have 2 types of cartridges that can run Windows 2012R2 with the HyperV role and Citrix XenServer. The first cartridge is the HP Proliant m300. Let’s take a look at each of the infrastructure machines to better understand which is right for you.


High performance processing with minimal power

The HP Moonshot Proliant m300 is a great low-powered Intel Atom c2750 cartridge. Even though it’s an Atom processor, don’t be fooled, as it packs an 8 core count with 2.4 GHz and can run multiple vms.

This cartridge also houses a few secrets as well. While all other cartridges can run 2 physical network adapters this is the ONLY cartridge that can run 4 physical 1GB network adapters with a special HP software update. So if you prefer to have multiple physical nics for designs such as management, PVS streaming, virtual machine motioning then this cartridge may be best suited for you. It can also run 2 physical drives, as well. Inside the HP Proliant m300, you can have a configuration with a 1tb SATA disk and a second small m.2 64GB SSD.

Having two drives allows you to design a solution where you may place your hypervisor such as Windows 2012r2 with HyperV on the SSD and the virtual machines on the SATA drives. Below are the tech specs for this cartridge. The full quick specs to this cartridge can be found here.

Enterprise class CPU 

The HP Moonshot ProLiant m710 is the first Moonshot cartridge that is powered by the Intel® Xeon E3-1284Lv3 processor with integrated Iris Pro Graphics P5200 graphics. With integrated on-board processing and graphics, you can run a variety of virtual machines on Windows 2012R2 with Hyper-V and a XenServer 6.5. The HP Proliant m710 does have 2 10GB Mellanox network adapters per cartridge. However when we mix it in with the internal HP 180G switch the speed is reduced from 10GB to 1Gb. Of course the nics on this cartridge can be teamed as well to provide increased throughput. Below is a snippet of the tech specs. The full quick specs to this cartridge can be found here.

Mix and match rewind

Regardless of which cartridge you choose, you can be sure that it run a series of virtual machines for an entire chassis. The flexibility to mix and match workloads from a software and hardware perspective is a unique offering only Citrix and HP can provide today. Be sure to check out volume 2 of this mix were we will start to showcase the scalability of this mobile workspace infrastructure!

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