I don’t know what it is about top ten lists: I can never stick to just ten.  This time, my reasoning is solid: the content at Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando was too valuable to limit to ten.

When you see the level of training offered in these technical breakout sessions, I think you’ll agree that 11 was a much better choice.

Based on attendee survey comments—along with the numbers who attended both on-site and online via the live stream—I’ve compiled a list of the most in-demand sessions from Synergy, followed by selected feedback from attendees.

Best of all, you can watch these sessions on-demand on SynergyTV: the exclusive conference channel also features the Opening Keynote, the General Session with Tech Talks and demos, and a seven-program hosted series with analysis, in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes accounts of important events.

Extend the technical training from Synergy, and dive in to these in-depth sessions on-demand, on your schedule:

SYN105: Leverage Citrix Workspace Cloud for your enterprise IT needs

  • “This is the direction that things are headed, and I’m really excited for it!”
  • “Workspace Cloud, as presented, appears to be a powerful tool to enable the mobile workspace.”

The presentation from this session is also available on SlideShare.

SYN228: Getting more out of XenApp and XenDesktop monitoring services

  • “Another great session, lots of stuff to look at in my environment after this.”
  • “Great tips and information on getting more out of Director.”
  • “This was a really good real-world session. Looking forward to putting what I learned to use.”

SYN233: What’s new in XenApp and XenDesktop

  • “As a new customer, this gave me a broad perspective.”
  • “Solid session, by far the best that I attended.”
  • “Information covered in this session was key to see what is coming down the line and for architects and managers to plan accordingly.”

SYN237: Windows 10 as VDI with XenDesktop Receiver on Windows 10

  • “This content has me excited to deliver Windows 10 desktops to my end users.”
  • “As a low-level overview, this session was the far most the most interesting of the week. I cannot wait to get my hands on the tech preview for a POC!”
  • “I love this team, a wealth of knowledge. Please keep them around.”

SYN243: XenDesktop and XenApp: gotchas and unexpected lessons learned from three universities

  • “Always good to hear real-world experiences with implementing new technology. You can test until you’re blue in the face but when you put live users on the system, that’s when you really know if something is going to break or not.”
  • “I don’t work for a school, but I found a lot of great information in this presentation.”
  • “Great resource for those who are in the process of implementing VDI for a student and faculty population.”

SYN308: The five newest, coolest NetScaler features

  • “One of the best sessions; gave me more than 6 items to be optimized when the next version of NetScaler is available!”
  • “Great compact information with pre-recorded demos that saved a lot of time.”

SYN318: Terminal Server versus VDI: 2015 edition

  • “Excellent speaker with a great take on the industry. Real-world experience, no bs.”
  • “Great presenter and content. It’s still a great debate and he puts it into very simple language to get thoughts going.”

SYN319: Tech update for XenApp and XenDesktop May 2015 edition

  • “Some very great technical information about XA/XD in real capacity testing that was very surprising.”
  • “This was a fantastic session. The presenter kept me engaged and the content was spot on.”
  • “Relevant material and backed with valuable metrics I can understand and apply.”

The presentation from this session is also available on SlideShare.

SYN320: Never let me down again: the future of XenApp and XenDesktop upgrades

  • “This presentation seemed to be aimed directly at me (and quite a few others in my position, I learned). I no longer have fear of getting away from the system that I currently know, love, and trust.”
  • “Very informative—I am convinced I need to learn and implement AppDNA into my environment now.”

The presentation from this session is also available on SlideShare.

SYN324: HDX: refresh your basic and advanced knowledge

  • “Being new to the architecture and technology, it was a fantastic overview.”
  • “This session was just another reason for us to implement this in our environment. Always heard the term but never understood it until now.”

SYN409: Dissecting the XenApp/XenDesktop logon process

  • “Great topic. A pain point for all of us. The speaker is awesome. It is technical and honest.”
  • “Another great technical session that explained in great detail where logon bottlenecks can be and what to do to potentially resolve those.”

The presentation from this session is only available on SlideShare.

Thank you to everyone who took time to fill out the surveys; your feedback is valuable to the events team and everyone who chooses to watch one of these sessions. I hope you’ll save the date for Citrix Synergy 2016, which is moving to Las Vegas May 24–26 at The Venetian l The Palazzo Congress Center and the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out SynergyTV for even more on-demand sessions and you can also view or download several presentations from Synergy on SlideShare.

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