Advantec Gets Customers’ Attention with Citrix Specialist Designation

Citrix Specializations represents a formal path to recognition of technical competency, sales capability and service delivery in key Citrix solution areas.

I am pleased that over 1,000 partners are stepping up to earn a competency designation and several key partners have already obtained specialization in core technical areas. Advantec Global Services was the first Citrix Solution Advisor to achieve Specialist designation in all three categories – Virtualization, Networking and Mobility.

“As a longstanding Citrix partner, we’ve always aimed to understand and deliver the company’s latest technologies, solutions and messaging before anyone else,” said Keith Bright, vice president of sales.

“Whenever Citrix makes an acquisition or launches a new solution, we evaluate it to see if it’s a good fit for our business, and if so, we strive to be among the first partners to master it technically. Also, the majority of our people have technical roles in consulting and training. In effect, we were specialists all along.”

Greater financial rewards

Advantec is already benefiting from Specialist designation. With a couple of Citrix NetScaler networking wins under their belts, Bright and his colleagues appreciate the additional 5 percent upfront discount on deals over $10,000 and a further incremental 50 percent bonus in addition to standard Citrix Advisor Rewards.

“Not only are the financial rewards impressive, but the discount allows us to be more competitive in situations where customers have budget constraints,” he noted.

These financial benefits are especially important because Advantec made a significant investment, committing extra time and resources to meet the stringent Specialist requirements.

Bright commented that “it has been well worth it” and added that while experienced staff members were able to pass the practicum based on their

existing knowledge and expertise, newer employees learned a great deal from preparing for this demanding exam, as well as from completing online courses in Citrix Consulting project methodology and other topics.

Citrix delivers strong ROI for partners that earn Specialist status and these partners can benefit from increased customer acquisition and gain greater profitability.

New competitive advantages

The fact that Advantec has achieved all three specializations sends a powerful message to customers. Specialist designation equips Advantec to capture customer attention, stand outfrom generalist competitors, showcases their unique strengths and attests to the full scope of capabilities within each technology category, including sales and services expertise.

“The Specialist badge shows that we have the diverse skills needed to deliver a project from end to end – identifying the best solution for the customer’s business case, assisting with a POC and pilot, implementing the technologies, and providing support and staff training.”

Bright concluded, “We can deliver a complete, integrated Citrix solution with a proven track record. Customers want the simplicity of integration rather than a collection of point products that may not work together, which is the situation with VMware, for example.”

Step up to Specialist

Advantec demonstrates the commitment and investment towards earning multiple designations. As a result, Advantec can take advantage of benefits that run the gamut from financial rewards to delighting customers and winning more deals. Their partnership with Citrix is highly valued and I look forward to seeing their success grow.

I encourage other partners to start your specialization journey.

Citrix partners, visit Citrix Specialist on Citrix Partner Central to get started. If you’re not already a member of the Citrix Partner Network, now is a great time to become a partner.

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