The Call Home feature has helped protect NetScaler appliances from service disruption since it was first introduced with NetScaler 10 several years back. We are pleased to announce that Call Home is now available for CloudBridge physical appliances as well with the 7.4 release. 

It only takes seconds to enroll your appliance in this invaluable service. From the CloudBridge GUI under the Maintenance section, click Call Home.

In the dialog presented, tick the box to enable Call Home. Optionally, you can choose to enter your email address for Citrix Technical Support to contact you, if needed. You can also configure a proxy server if this is a requirement in your environment to reach the Internet.

Upon clicking OK, your appliance will attempt to register with the Call Home server and the status will be shown when re-entering the dialog.

With Call Home enabled, it will continuously monitor the appliance for critical software failures (Warm_restart conditions). When an error condition occurs, a diagnostic data bundle is automatically collected and uploaded to the Citrix Servers. Citrix Technical Support can then review this diagnostic data as required or you can choose to contact Support directly and we’ll already have the necessary details to dig into the issue.

As an added benefit, information collected from the data is continually used to improve the product in areas such as manageability, quality, etc.

For a live demonstration of enabling Call Home with CloudBridge, please watch my video at

While CloudBridge Call Home functionality is a great way to mitigate the overall risk to your appliance, we still recommend performing regular manual diagnostic captures and uploads.  This will help ensure that your appliance remains in an optimal state in terms of configuration, security and performance.

Citrix Insight Services supports CloudBridge diagnostics bundles from version 7.3 onwards on both physical and virtual appliances.  More information is available at /blogs/2014/11/07/cloudbridge-is-now-onboard-with-citrix-insight-services/.

Here on the Product Insights and Analytics Team, we always enjoy hearing success stories from customers as well as feedback on how we can make our solutions better. Call Home functionality leverages the Citrix Insight Services platform (  Feel free to write to us anytime by clicking the Feedback link at the bottom of our site.

Until next time…

Allen Furmanski
Product Manager
Citrix Product Insights and Analytics