The question is still popular: is this the Year of DaaS?

Last month at Citrix Synergy, Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) was discussed in several sessions, a packed Meet the Experts talk from Gabe Knuth and even the main keynote. It’s no surprise: the DaaS market is real – and growing.

The definition of DaaS is tricky. Several people point at commodity desktops from mega vendors and call that DaaS, but Citrix has a different definition. Today’s workers want complete mobile workspaces. Citrix defines Desktops-as-a-Service as a complete hosted workspace with business-ready apps, complete desktops, data sync and share, plus mobility management. (Read more

Desktops-as-a-Service and Complete Workspaces: the User Expectation

Research released last month showed millennials now make up the largest part of the workforce. The report suggests this generation looks for flexibility and technology solutions that work. If your business isn’t supplying it, they will either find hacks to get work data on their preferred personal device – a very unsecure option – or go work for a more mobile-friendly company.

And as newsworthy political figures have shown, diverse workers of all ages want their personal and work information on the same device, it’s not just a preference for millennials.

Service Provider DaaS: Beyond Commodity Desktops

In the 2014 Global DaaS Market Survey, Citrix Service Providers reported goals to expand their hosting businesses. While the majority were very keen on complete Desktops-as-a-Services, expanding into secure file share and sync and mobile device management were very popular choices as well.

Citrix Service Providers are largely serving small and mid-sized businesses, many that see the same end user demand for compete hosted workspaces, not just utility apps in the cloud.  Small and mid-size businesses need to competitively hire, efficiently run their business and effectively secure their business data.

Think of your local accountant, financial advisor, dentist or medical practice. The security requirements for your personal data are the same in their small business as they are for the mid-size hospital or global firm that manages your 401k.  Local business doesn’t have the luxury of an in-house IT expert, or one that has much bandwidth.  SMBs turn to hosted service providers to deliver an enterprise-level desktop, available on any device, but without the IT headaches.

See case studies from end users of Citrix Service Providers – SMBs using Citrix-based hosted desktops to provide the anywhere, anytime access that their employees need to efficiently do their work.

Global DaaS Market Survey: Open Today

Today the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence opened the 2015 Global DaaS Market Survey survey to thousands of Citrix Service Provides worldwide. We’ll spend some time gathering their insights on the hosted services market, which Citrix technologies they use to lower costs while optimizing hosted deployments, their business and marketing goals, plus obtain a service provider view on DaaS adoption in their regional, vertical and global markets. We’ll look to answer “Is this the Year of DaaS?”

If you are a current Citrix Service Provider and have not yet seen the survey invitation, please contact to obtain the link to share your market feedback.

If you’re interested expanding beyond managed services and RDS, learn more about joining the Citrix Service Provider Program here.

If you’re interested in referring DaaS to your local accountant, dentist or SMB colleague, visit the Citrix Partner Locator to find a Citrix Service Provider.