Citrix and NVIDIA have a successful, long-standing partnership and we’ve been working together for several years on rich graphics virtualization. This partnership and the combination of NVIDIA and Citrix technologies allows you to deliver rich mobile workspaces that WOW users of high-end graphics.

Nowhere was this more evident than at Citrix Synergy, where NVIDIA had a strong presence with the theme of “Brilliant graphics delivered anytime, anywhere.”

As a GOLD sponsor, NVIDIA showcased a variety of rich apps including AutodDesk Revit, Inventor, AutoCad, SolidWorks, ESRI ArcGIS and Siemens NX running on XenDesktop. These applications are used in a variety of industry verticals including manufacturing, architecture engineering and construction, education among others. Click here to watch the CitrixTV interview with NVIDIA.


One of the new things showcased this year was the flexibility that XenDesktop affords with vGPU integration support across multiple hypervisors – XenServer and vSphere. As NVIDIA GRID vGPU receives greater hypervisor adoption, Citrix is delivering on the promise of interoperability. By the same token, XenServer also continues to innovate in graphics leadership announcing NVIDIA GPU pass-through for Linux. All this goes to the Citrix Synergy Keynote theme to drive greater end-user flexibility coupled with an enriched and superb experience with graphic enabled virtual desktops with the ultimate promise to delight the customer.

NVIDIA wasn’t the only one showing rich graphics virtualization. As you walked around the show floor, it was evident that several of the major platform partners including Fujitsu, Dell, HP, SAP and many others where also exhibiting their solutions with NVIDIA Grid.

A fun part of the event was the #60in60 Challenge to stand up 60 vGPU VMs in 60 minutes or less. Teams from Dell, NVIDIA, Citrix and CTPs joined in for a friendly competition. This was not only a fun event where everyone joined in to root  for their favorite team but also allowed the teams demonstrate that VDI POCs do not have to be so complex nor take long to deploy. In the end, congrats to the NVIDIA team who battled it out for the win!


Adding to the theme of GPU virtualization, the XenServer team had a great session to understand the various options available now that GPU virtualization has gone multivendor.  Customer Georgia Tech also shared their VDI journey along with GPU deployment.  You can watch the recorded sessions here:

SYN220: Exploring GPU virtualization technologies and where to use them

SYN249: The Georgia Tech Virtual Lab: trials and tribulations through our eight-year VDI journey

In summary, our partnership with NVIDIA is robust, continues to grow and most importantly continues to deliver on bringing graphics virtualization leadership to our end-customers.  We can only expect more to come as the pace of innovation and collaboration continues.

For more information about HDX 3D Pro with NVIDIA GRID please visit the Citrix page  or the NVIDIA page.