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Citrix Labs will be participating in an IoT focused webinar on June 4th at 2pm EST, read below for more details.

Last year, Citrix acquired the Internet of Things (IoT) company Octoblu and since then I have frequently had conversations with many Citrix customers and partners: “Why would Citrix acquire an IoT company?”

For many of us, we tend to see IoT as something that has a greater impact on consumers. For example, as it pertains to gadgets seen in our houses or things we wear that add value to our daily lives.

The Citrix Labs team has been researching the impact of the IoT on the Enterprise and the Software Defined Workplace, and sharing our learnings along the way.

Recently, we decided to focus our efforts on a particular market, narrowing down to specific use cases therein. This is giving us a chance to work directly with our customers, get access to their environments and test out our hypothesis and early prototypes in a real world environment.

The market we decided to focus on was Education.

Why Education? For one thing, it’s a key market for Citrix and we have quite a few customers keen to work with us. But the main reason is that we believe it is a market ripe for disruption, as educational institutions balance the need to serve more students with the costs required to reach them; IoT will serve as the foundation for many technologies that will facilitate solutions in this area.

This is something Citrix discussed in the 2020 Technology Landscape, our annual peek into the future of technology.

“In the next five years, technology will disrupt the learning experience in many ways. Students will consume knowledge and learning in new ways, classrooms and teachers will be better equipped for education of students, and the learning experience will continue to become more virtual.” – Citrix 2020 Technology Landscape

IoT and Education Webinar

If you’d like to learn more about the impact of IoT on Education, Citrix would like to invite you to our webinar on June 4th: “Internet of Things: Solving Education Challenges and Improving Student Success“.

In the webinar, you will hear from Citrix and Duane Schau from Indiana University as they share some of the ideas and opportunities they have uncovered regarding the impact IoT could have on higher education.

Chris Witeck (@cwiteck) is a Principal Technology Strategist with Citrix Labs. Citrix Labs is an applied research organization within Citrix. To get updates on what the Citrix Labs team is following as well as projects the Labs team is working on, you can subscribe to the Citrix Trends and Innovation LinkedIn page.