Google and Citrix teams continue to collaborate across mobility, application virtualization and the cloud.

At Citrix Synergy 2015, Google participated as a platinum sponsor, serving up new demos of Android and Chrome running on XenMobile and XenApp alongside thousands of fresh made smoothies at the popular Google Device and Energy Bar. In addition, Citrix and Google hosted a breakout session showcasing a tech preview of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop running in the Google Cloud.

Among some of the technology initiatives, Citrix, for its enterprise-ready products, has been leveraging Firebase as a critical platform to build some of its break-through technologies  As one of the most innovative cloud-based services being developed at Citrix, Concierge is the one to highlight.

The new technology was showcased for the first time at Citrix Synergy a couple weeks ago and took customer service and support to a whole new level. The service allows real-time, interactive and more personal customer service and support for mobile and web applications leveraging the Firebase platform. Thanks to the Realtime Database feature, the company has been able to deliver outstanding user experience and service using Firebase first-class security features, scalability and real-time capability, to all its current Tech Preview customers.

Concierge features:

In-app communications:

  • Video call
  • Audio call
  • Chat

Real-time Toolbox:

  • Screen sharing: customers can share their mobile app screen with an agent from virtually anywhere
  • Device info: agents have plenty of contextual data about the user’s device such as model, OS version, battery status and even network conditions
  • Camera: customers can share their device front and rear camera with an agent, so they can share what they see with an agent
  • Custom data: the app can request and retrieve any relevant custom data to the agent such as to validate identity, get reservation code, location info, etc.
  • Touch assist: agents are able to perform touches, free drawing and highlighting directly on the customer’s mobile app screen

To learn more about Concierge and other Citrix initiatives in partnership with Google, watch the live streaming of the session at Google I/O Friday, May 29th at 2:00pm “Developing Extraordinary Apps with Firebase” where Gus Pinto (Sr Director for the App Platform Group at Citrix) will be showcasing some of the technologies being currently developed using Firebase as a platform.

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