Cloud computing is about leveraging resources over the network to enable an organization to work more efficiently and with greater agility.

To get the best results organizations require an application delivery controller (ADC) that is optimized for high performance and provides an always-on, always-secure foundation for their applications. Citrix and Microsoft have collaborated to make the NetScaler VPX available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.   Customers can bring their own license (BYOL) and retrieve the published VPX in the Marketplace saving them time and effort.

Citrix NetScaler VPX for Microsoft Azure

The VPX provides a common set of capabilities across on-premises applications and those deployed in the cloud environment to ensure availability of applications.

Eight reasons to consider the VPX:

Builds scalability – Multiple models of VPX are availably providing HTTP throughput of 10 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 1 Gbps to accommodate different workload requirements.

Supports widely deployed applications – It supports Citrix XenApp® and Citrix XenDesktop®, as well as specific workloads including Microsoft Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint.

Ensures availability – VPX provides a high-availability mode of operation to ensure that applications are continuously accessible.

VPX manages multi-tenancy – It does so with policies that are tailored to specific needs for tenants whether they are defined as an application, line-of-business, or user.

Strengthens security –It incorporates multi-application layer protection, including app firewall, data loss prevention, and counter-measures against denial-of-service (DoS) and other Layer 7 attacks.

Delivers secure connectivity – Secure remote access with Citrix NetScaler Gateway allows users to log on from a single point of access build-out to meet the needs of users based on roles, device, and network-increasing productivity.

Provides granular visibility – Azure’s virtual network creates a direct connection between local machines and Azure virtual machines, allowing customers to troubleshoot using the same tools used for on-premises apps.

Provides simplified management – VPX enables businesses to deploy to remote locations in minutes and operate their distributed networks via a cloud-based application, while maintaining centralized control and network visibility. VPX utilizes the Azure management portal for quick deployment of NetScaler virtual instances.

Deployment Scenarios for VPX on Azure

Production delivery through Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service providing server offloading features, application acceleration, and enhanced security features.

Hybrid Cloud environment for ease of transition between applications and workloads hosted across on-premises datacenters and Azure.

Development and testing using Azure while running production on-premises speeding time to production.

Cloud Migration for organizations when eliminating on-premises data center and migrate to the cloud. Ideal for small to medium size companies who do not want to expand their data center continuously to meet their growing business needs.

Cloud Bursting for organizations whose on-premises application that reach its designed peak capacity. The extra demands are directed to the same applications running in Azure.

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