Citrix CloudBridge team is pleased to announce availability of a qualified joint visibility solution with SolarWinds that enables enterprise IT to analyze the rich network & application statistics exported by CloudBridge using SolarWinds NTA.

Citrix CloudBridge optimizes application traffic over Wide Area Networks (WANs), providing remote-office users with a LAN-like experience.

CloudBridge offers a broad base of protocol acceleration support, market-leading VDI acceleration for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, video optimization, sophisticated quality of service (QoS) and extensive reporting for bandwidth and application usage. CloudBridge appliances also collect network and application data to provide an end-to-end picture to IT administrators so that enterprise can do away with expensive network taps and intrusive application agents which present an incomplete picture of network.

CloudBridge exports a wealth of statistics about for virtual desktops, applications, users and network by way of AppFlow records that comply with standard IPFIX templates. Good news is that SolarWinds NTA can now be used to visualize and analyze the rich information from CloudBridge AppFlow records to monitor traffic consumption patterns, identify top applications, endpoints and protocols in enterprise environment and gain many more similar insights.

Please refer to the blog from SolarWinds at the link below. The blog gives more details about the joint visibility solution and provides steps for configuration:

Here are few sample screen captures from SolarWinds NTA graphical user interface displaying the information collected from CloudBridge AppFlow records:

Figure 2: Pie chart and table showing Top 5 conversations in the enterprise traffic.

Figure 3: Line charts and tables showing bandwidth consumption by Top 5 applications in the enterprise traffic

Figure 4: Line charts and tables showing bandwidth consumption by Top 5 endpoints in the enterprise traffic.