Citrix ShareFile Leads Enterprise File Sync & Sharing with New Security and Consumer-like Features @ Citrix Synergy 2015!

Even though Synergy has come to an end, the noise of our new feature announcements is still making headlines! ShareFile Enterprise unveiled new security and consumer-style features last week that truly meet the needs of businesses. Get excited folks! As we are continuing to advance the experience ShareFile delivers to you and your organization.

What do these announcements really mean?

I have summarized each new feature and provided some additional information for your reading pleasure:

ShareFile integrates with popular data loss prevention (DLP) systems

With a consistent focus on Security and Compliance, ShareFile announced its unique integration with customer’s data loss prevention (DLP) systems to restrict document sharing based on the file’s DLP classification. Enterprises, especially those in highly-regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, need to be able to control file sharing based on the content inside the files themselves. Through integrations with leading data loss prevention (DLP) solutions from Symantec and others, files that are uploaded to ShareFile Customer-managed StorageZones to be classified by the company’s DLP system. Then, ShareFile will restrict what actions can be taken on the file based on the classification.

ShareFile and Office365 integrations

With ShareFile plus Office 365 together, users will be able to edit any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint file without leaving ShareFile; all from the convenience of a web browser or computer.  As a result, this will make collaboration faster and easier all the while saving time and increasing productivity. This new integration also means that users will no longer have to rely on their local Microsoft Office applications to edit a file; they can now edit the files directly from within a web browser with all changes automatically saved back to ShareFile.

ShareFile companion app for the Apple Watch

With this new feature, we are expanding our irresistible consumer-like experience. ShareFile provides a workspace that moves with you, across four types of devices (mobile phone, computer/desktop, iPad/tablet and now Apple Watch). Through a single application, ShareFile, customers can create and outline a PowerPoint on a phone, collaborate on the content with colleagues and vendors from a laptop, dictate speaker notes on a tablet and present directly from an Apple Watch.  The ShareFile companion app for Apple Watch will be available at the end of Q2.

ShareFile Platinum Edition

ShareFile Platinum is a new product offering that will be available in mid-June 2015.  It provides a collaborative workspace where anyone can securely exchange, track, edit and e-sign content without storage limitations. This edition extends the customer journey to include data security, BYOD, document workflows and collaboration, unlimited storage and enterprise home drive. With ShareFile Platinum, you can go further with our solution and cover more of your organization’s needs with ShareFile.  ShareFile Platinum includes ShareFile Enterprise with unlimited storage, plus Right Signature and ShareConnect.

We hope you enjoyed attending last week’s conference in Orlando, listening to Mark Templeton’s keynotes, taking in a few educational sessions and the Universal Studios final night party.  We sure did!

Thank you again to those who were able to attend Citrix Synergy and hear these announcements live. The ShareFile team is looking forward to creating more ways to enable a mobile friendly workplace while keeping security at top of mind.