By Guest Blogger – Andre Leibovici

Nutanix and Citrix have deployed tens of thousands of new virtual desktops to medium and large enterprises around the world. The two companies recognize the transformation taking place as enterprises start to support anywhere access to enterprise applications. As a result, the companies have aligned to deliver unique, validated solutions that reduce the risk of deployment delays and deliver better user experience and higher return-on-investment.

By combining Nutanix’ s industry-leading hyper-converged platform with the Citrix stack, the two companies deliver industry-first end-to-end validated solutions for a hyper-converged platform.

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform for NetScaler VPX

NetScaler VPX is the industry’s leading application delivery and load balancing solution available as a virtual appliance with the richness of a best-in-class application delivery network. IT organizations of any size can deploy NetScaler VPX on Nutanix and support a scale-out strategy that is easy and cost effective.

Nutanix Operating System for ShareFile Enterprise

ShareFile gives users true enterprise-class file sync and share data service across all corporate and personal mobile devices, while giving IT all the control it needs. Users can access, sync and securely share files from any device with people both inside and outside the organization, allowing for much easier collaboration and enhanced productivity.

Nutanix offers cost-effective, anytime access to enterprise data that has built-in enterprise capabilities, including de-duplication, compression, snapshot and site-level replication. These features enable organizations to store the maximum amount of data in the smallest possible space at very low cost.

Citrix Validated Solution (CVS) and Citrix Ready for XenDesktop & XenApp

The Citrix Validated Solution for Desktop Virtualization has been built with an understanding of the hardware and software components required to deliver virtual and hosted desktops at any scale, and using best practice configuration and field experience.  The Citrix Validated Solution with Nutanix helps enterprises eliminate the challenges associated with software and infrastructure selection and implementation. Citrix consulting engineers completely validated the solution and it has been pre-tested and optimized for Desktop Virtualization.

Nutanix Plugin for XenDesktop

Nutanix and Citrix have collaborated to create a new innovative way to assign Service Level Agreements (SLA) for virtual desktops.  The Nutanix Plugin for XenDesktop enables Citrix administrators to answer questions like “how can I ensure my  customer desktops are fully protected or guarantee that the development team desktops are getting full performance?”

Nutanix is our Citrix Ready Partner and more information about verifications can be found at Citrix Ready Market place

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