Citrix Synergy 2015 was particularly exciting for the CloudBridge team. We announced the new CloudBridge virtual WAN offering, presented the concept overview and the benefits that accrue with it and showcased a live demo of the virtual WAN technology.

In case you didn’t make it to the CloudBridge demo pod in the Synergy Expo area to experience virtual WAN technology firsthand, here’s the next best thing: a recorded video demonstration!

In our previous blog ‘Time to Rethink Your WAN Architecture’, we pointed out that CloudBridge virtual WAN enables enterprises to scale-up bandwidth and improve reliability at dramatically lower costs than traditional approaches. Enterprise networks are often strained by ever-increasing demands of evolving workspaces where bandwidth-intensive data-transfers run alongside HD-quality video and interactive graphics-laden applications & VDI sessions over WAN.

Network reliability is also of paramount importance as most of application and data is hosted centrally on data-center or on the cloud. If the network were to go down and enterprise branch loses connectivity to data-center then the productivity of branch users falls off dramatically. Deploying costly back-up MPLS links is one way of overcoming this problem but enterprises can do better than that by utilizing CloudBridge virtual WAN to boost reliability by bonding together diverse set of public WAN links along with the active MPLS connection or logically bond together two MPLS links from different service providers in active-active configuration.

This demo video shows how enterprise IT can address this challenge using CloudBridge virtual WAN to logically bond multiple network-connectivity options including MPLS and internet links.