Team Octoblu was inspired by the Citrix Synergy opening iBand performance and decided to create its very own IoT (Internet of Things) powered band called OctoBand! The team wrote a quick web application that allowed not only OctoBand but everyone in the GeekSpeak Live audience to select a musical instrument (including: keyboards, drums, and thermins) and join in on the live band experience. Here are a couple of screen shots of the Octoband app:

How did this app work?  The web app simply created a UUID for each instance of the loaded app and streamed Meshblu M2M instant messages for each button press representing instruments and tones. There was another web app on stage also connected to Meshblu running ToneJS on the client side with the Mac jacked into the PA system. While not exactly IoT-related, this was a cool example for demonstrating the flexibility of Octoblu’s Meshblu open source messaging platform!

As predicted, the OctoBand (and audience) sounded so terrible that it was incredibly awesome 🙂  Don’t just take our word, experience OctoBand for yourself!