SDN Delivered by Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Citrix NetScaler, Breakout Session at Citrix Synergy Orlando 2015

As Citrix CEO Mark Templeton offered his unique perspective on how Citrix is leading the transition to the software-defined workplace, our joint solution with Cisco ACI complemented the delivery of software-defined networking (SDN).

The journey on delivering software-defined networks was championed by Cisco with the launch of ACI where the network fabric was purpose built from ground up with Cisco 9000 switches optimized for intra data center traffic and centralized Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) for application and network policy automation, with multi-tenancy, security and end-to-end health monitoring.

Citrix NetScaler Application Delivery Controller (ADC) with its rich Application Programming Interfaces (API’s), complements Cisco APIC to automate ADC, in addition to the network fabric, truly delivering SDN for our joint customers.

Cisco has been instrumental in the joint innovation and in taking SDN to a whole different architecture to deliver production class Citrix XenApps and other applications to our joint customers.

I was thrilled to see the support from the Cisco team, specifically their marketing maverick, Ravi Balakrishnan’s blog on our strategic partnership, and workflow video demonstrations at the Cisco booth and theatre presentations at Synergy

Cisco teams’ support was further endorsed with Cisco Senior Vice President (SVP), Soni Jiandani’s blog in support of our Synergy.

Synergy between Citrix and Cisco is focused on our joint commitment to customer success and this was the topic for my presentation at Synergy (Breakout Session #SYN212).

I focused on the datacenter transitions and the differentiated integration of Citrix NetScaler with Cisco ACI in delivering production ready SDN’s to our joint customers.

Cisco, truly, has innovated and led the open standards with Cisco ACI, specifically opening up the ecosystem to more than 35 partners and defining and driving standardization of Network Services Header (NSH) and Opflex.

Citrix partnership in this SDN journey has been beyond the fact that we have delivered the most advanced feature set as the leading ADC partner but also co-authored the NSH and Oplex initiatives with Cisco.

Here is another open initiative from Cisco, called the Cisco Demo Cloud or dCloud. Effectively making the Cisco ACI and Cisco APIC simulator kit available to partners with the various ecosystem partner device packages. As you can see Citrix Device Package has the most advanced feature set and templates in the industry to truly deliver production ready applications.

This is the slide  I presented to put the ACI automation in perspective to ADC deployments. The traditional deployments required service insertion with VRF/VLAN stitching, Policy Based routing (PBR), etc. leading to long lead times and tedious configuration every time a application was commissioned and de-commissioned. Cisco APIC enables the automation of network and application delivery system as applications are commissioned and de-commissioned; effectively the network is ready when the application is.

Cisco APIC provides extendable policy model through Device Package, here the Cisco APIC administrator can import NetScaler Device Package. Device Package is an XML file defining Device Configuration Model and parameters required for L4-L7 use cases. Once imported, APIC can configure NetScaler functions and parameters. Device scripts translates APIC API callouts to device specific callouts

Jim Jansma, Product Specialist from Cisco Systems co-presenting with me to share the terrific momentum with customer adoption of Cisco ACI and deployment details at our joint production customers. His insight into the production customers like Cisco IT and Du (Dubai Telecom) was testimony to SDN live and in production, jointly delivered by Cisco and Citrix.

Here is the use case presented by Jim, Cisco ACI with Citrix NetScaler 1000v in production at the Ferraris of IT – Cisco IT.

 To replay the technology differentiation and customer endorsement to our Synergy

Citrix is strategic to the Cisco ACI ecosystem was clear with this slide, Jim highlighted the technology innovation on Citrix NetScaler to deliver production class applications. Our Synergy was further endorsed as we enabled the first carrier class deployment for Cisco ACI at Du, where the use case leveraged advance capabilities on the Citrix NetScaler. The Portal presented here is indeed front-ended by Citrix NetScaler. Citrix NetScaler is the recommended migration product for Cisco ACE at Cisco IT and also the only technology resold by Cisco, available on the Cisco Price List.

As part of the joint customer wins was the latest endorsement from Woolworths to Soni Jiandani at the Cisco Live Melbourne, keynote session. The audience definitely could resonate with Woolworths motivation to deploy SDN using Cisco and ACI and Citrix NetScalers, turn a oiltanker into a speedboat.

Work Hard, Party Hard  – Final Night Party at Universal Studios

All the fun times with Cisco and Customers had to lead to more fun. We were treated to the biggest party ever, entire Universal Studios Florida® theme park just for us!

This was my first time attending Citrix Synergy, the energy at the show and valuable customer feedback have excited me to double down on our joint innovation to continue delivering customer success.