After Citrix Synergy, there was a lot of buzz about using Octoblu to detect iBeacons to trigger automation flows.

Now you can build flows using iBeacon support. Until we release our BeaconBlu mobile app, you can use the desktop/embeed Gateblu application to install and use the Beacon plugin, now included in the Octoblu Available Nodes collection.

Follow this guide to help you get started with GoToMeeting, Octoblu, and Gateblu. Afterwards simply install the Beacon plugin the same as you would have the plugin from the GTM guide. Then import this flow to learn how to use the Beacon plugin. Then simply combine what you’ve learned from the guide and this flow to build powerful real-world automation flows. The possibilities are endless. You can create flows that react to presence that can interact with various third-party and Citrix services and devices! Let us know what you build by tweeting @octoblu!

If you managed to score a PunchThrough Light Blue Bean from the Citrix App Challenge when we gave away 100, you can set your BLE bean to act as an iBeacon!