The cat is out of the bag: Octoblu was acquired by Citrix in December.

From that time, Citrix had been quiet about it. Until Citrix Synergy, which took place this past week in Orlando, Florida. If you were at Synergy 2015, you might have seen a mind-blowing keynote that, once and for all, made the value of the Internet of Things–in terms of business–clear.

Since being acquired we’ve been hard at work building features and demos to get Octoblu to the point it is today and integrate with Citrix products in a way that increases productivity in the software-defined workplace. With the Citrix Labs team we enabled them to build a demo on top of Octoblu for the Workspace Hub which was the day 2 keynote “one more thing” (see video below). It was a solid demo that we were happy to be part of and were excited to see it come into fruition through the hard work of the Labs team. Our hope is to enable everyone to build with Octoblu that which may have not been attainable or easy in the past.

For us at Octoblu, this event was overwhelming on many levels. We experienced such a warm welcome, filled with excitement and energy, around the platform. We were spread across Synergy with several booths, the demo sandbox area, and several talks and demos throughout the event. We got AMAZING feedback and talked with a lot of Citrites, partners, customers, and developers about some great use-case ideas. We’re excited to use this information to help bring Octoblu further to maturity.

If you were on the Solutions Expo floor at any point you might have seen Chris Fleck’s Tesla Electric Vehicle next to the CUGC (Citrix User Group Community) booth. Through Octoblu we were able to connect and control the Tesla, from starting the engine to checking the battery and opening the moon roof. We even had lights underneath that could be changed instantly by tweeting #OctoTesla! Our engineers got a chance to talk to a lot of attendees in that area in depth about the Octoblu ecosystem. It was a fun and interactive example of what can be done with Octoblu, but it was just the smallest tip of a massive iceberg of what is possible today.

In the Demo Sandbox area we partnered with Intel, who sponsored us to give out 50 Intel IoT Development boards! We got a chance to get hands on with attendees, teach them about Octoblu, what the possibilities are, and set them up with accounts and helped them build automation flows. The boards we gave out were Intel Edisons and Galileo Gen2–we’ll have a blog post soon to explain in depth how to set those up. In the meantime, if you have an Edison board – go here.

We’ve done a lot with Intel in the past. At Synergy we had another demo at the Intel booth showcasing what Octoblu can do for industrial IoT and automation using Intel reference hardware. You can learn more from this post by Chris Matthieu, the founder of Octoblu. At Citrix Synergy, Chris gave several talks with Intel on how Octoblu can be the ultimate solution for managing IoT at industrial scale and how the entire Octoblu platform can run on a single Intel IoT Gateway.

We collaborated with the Citrix Developer team, Adam Marano and John Mcbride on another exciting demo we showed that was an Oil Rig Platform use-case. In this demo a model oil pump stops moving when a bluetooth sensor detects an error. This error posted to Podio and an android app would check for this Podio error, launch an X1 Receiver windows app to the tablet and kick off another Octoblu flow to arrange a GTM meeting using contacts from Podio for that Oil Rig location. From the tablet the “foreman” could then kick off a “cooling override” flow within Octoblu to restart the oil pump.

To close off the event we collaborated with Steve Greenberg, Joe Shonk, Jason Conger, and Hal Lange to make Geek Speak Tonight an event not to have been missed! Steve used Octoblu, Splunk,  and Raspberry Pi to make the demo in this video. In short, it involves a cat with lasers, fog, lights, and robotics to help monitor the health of your Citrix servers. We’re working on a guide to help you build this at home! We also unveiled the Octoblu IoT band, an interactive musical hack built that same day with Octoblu, which you can see in this part of the video.

Over all we had a phenomenal experience. We could not be happier at Citrix. The response Chris Matthieu got for Octoblu at the CTP session was a reflection of the excitement we most covet from our developer community. We’re looking forward to bringing the Software-defined workspace to the world and hope to have a lot more experiences like in the pictures below!