Hot on the heels of our announcement that we were joining the OpenStack Foundation, we’re excited to announce some specific vendors that we’re starting to integrate with – in particular, our good friends over at Mirantis.

For those of you who follow the market closely, Mirantis is now one of the largest and most successful OpenStack distributions out in the market and bring both great software expertise as well as experience in deploying complex cloud infrastructure projects. Plus, they’ve got some of the coolest schwag at the OpenStack conference going on in Vancouver: OpenStack hockey jerseys!

On the Citrix side, we’re excited to announce that some of our leading products are going to be integrated and available to Mirantis OpenStack customers. NetScaler Control Center, our new, unified way to automate the configuration and management of NetScaler, is now certified and integrated with Mirantis OpenStack. We’re also going to be integrating XenServer with Mirantis OpenStack using their Fuel installer, which is a core part of how customers can get quick deployments of OpenStack and great time-to-value.

We feel that this is a win for our two companies, and an even bigger win for customers. 

Open-source software and OpenStack in particular are founded on the core principles of choice – let the customers decide on the infrastructure components they want based on their needs instead of vertically integrated stacks that don’t offer choice. Through this work, we’re giving OpenStack customers greater choice and flexibility on using our battle-tested NetScaler and XenServer products in their deployments. And a world with more choice is a happier world!