Hopefully you’ve heard by now that Citrix launched the X1 Mouse at Citrix Synergy and it’s available now. Think of it as the the mouse that roars for business.  Supporting iPads and iPhones, this is a unique Bluetooth Low-Energy mouse (BTLE) with custom firmware that provides full-function mouse support to specific Citrix Mobile apps including Citrix Receiver, GoToMyPC, ShareConnect and WorkDesktop. It’s available now on the Citrix Store.

You’ll need the latest Receiver for iOS 5.9.5 to use it with Citrix HDX Sessions. To connect and enable the mouse, go to Receiver settings and toggle X1 Mouse. And for left-handed users, you can switch the mouse buttons again using Receiver settings.

But that is not all. With 5.9.5, you can use Receiver with external displays with either iPhone and iPads using either Airplay or Lightning connected AV Adapters.
Touch pad and keyboard

And even cooler, 5.9.5 supports the Touchpad/Presentation mode, which turns you  iPad into keyboard and touchpad when connected with external display, like AppleTV (sorry just iPads). You can use the keyboard and touchpad along with your X1 Mouse (if one is paired). The image to the right depicts how the iPad display looks like when connected to external display. Again you enable presentation mode from Display options in settings menu.

Some great reasons not to leave home without Receiver… or your X1 Mouse.