As we focus on helping organizations transition to mobile, the ability for mobile app users to easily connect and receive “smart”, fast and quality service and support from companies is still very challenging and even “retro” in some cases.  We could say the way customers and employees connect with companies hasn’t really changed all that much since the past two decades (watch short video).

We’ve made our mission to reimagine the customer-company interaction. We knew that we had to invent something drastically new if we were to be successful. What makes our devices really “smart” are the apps – so we knew that’s where we needed to start! And after a lot of research, we finally came up with Concierge.

Concierge is the first product of its category to enable real-time customer service and support directly from within a mobile application, enabling a much richer experience for both agents and customers and leading to faster than ever problem-resolution times.

This service includes:

1. In-app Communication

With Concierge, customers can connect with a live support agent faster than ever before.  Right from within their app, customers can connect via audio, video or even chat, making for a remarkably superior experience that’s both seamless and more personal.

2. Real-time Toolbox

Concierge is also introducing a first-of-its-kind toolbox designed to help agents remotely assist their customers in real-time.  Allowing customers to share their mobile app screen or device camera, and enhancing their interaction by showing where the user touches on the screen and allowing the agents to remotely interact with the customer’s app.

3. Co-Pilot

We have designed a whole new set of interactions that allow the agent to co-navigate with the user.  Agents can easily draw, highlight or view the taps on the customer’s application screen, considerably improving communications and enhancing user experience.

4. Smart Inbox

An intuitive feature that wisely connects customers and employees with the right people in your company.  Inbox can automatically route your customer’s request based on preferences and intelligence sent directly from your application.

Concierge was designed with technologies that work together to constantly secure and encrypt any communication with your customers.  And customer privacy is just as important as its security.  For starters, agents can not see or do anything to the customers device without their authorization.  And extremely easy to enable, organizations can be up and running in just minutes.

To learn more about Concierge and take the tour here or, request an invite today for a Tech Preview here. 

If you’re attending Citrix Synergy Orlando, stop by our booth (#16) to watch a live demo or come see us in our live demo room for a deep-dive and talk to our engineers (Columbia 34 – Hyatt Regency).

See you there!

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