In my very first blog last year I wrote how Citrix Workspace Services (now called Citrix Workspace Cloud) is game-changing. It was seeing the vision of this product that gave me confidence in joining Citrix. It’s been a year and we are now in the middle of trials, yet I wanted to get some information out to the general public about this product.

What is Workspace Cloud?

At its core Workspace Cloud is about removing complexity. Consider the figure below:

On the left, shown in blue is all the dependencies a typical XenApp/XenDesktop deployment currently requires. SQL servers, license servers, provisioning servers, storefront, gateways, etc. Loads and loads of dependencies. These dependencies contribute greatly to the overall complexity in setting up a XenApp or XenDesktop environment. While we at Citrix have been hard at work blending these products together, reducing management consoles, and simplifying the overall stack, these dependencies have not gone away.

On the right, shown in purple, are all the things Workspace Cloud is removing from the customers’ equation. No longer will a customer need to deploy a Delivery controller, or Studio, or SQL servers, or license servers… the list goes on and on. Instead customers immediately get to the value they expect when they are purchasing Citrix licenses. That is deploying desktops and/or applications. These remain in blue, as these remain in the complete control of the customer.

Marketitectually speaking the overview of this kind of setup looks like this:

Using the same color scheme we see services in purple that are managed by Citrix, and those in blue are managed by the customer. The one exception is the optional on-prem StoreFront, as that can be in either location.

Ultimately this solution makes setup and long term maintenance of this product dead simple. When the next version of the product comes out, you are already using it. Management UI changes, better workflows, all immediately accessible. No rollouts, no deployments. This is the power of the cloud, and frankly it’s what many organizations have come to expect. When gmail has a new feature Google typically highlights it when I log in to use gmail that day. As a consumer of that technology I didn’t have to do any upgrades. This is exactly what we are doing with Workspace Cloud.

There are other goodies in store for this type of design as well. Consider troubleshooting. Customers that are running under this service have very little to troubleshoot, that responsibility has moved to Citrix. And who better to troubleshoot a Citrix issue than Citrix?

Workspace Cloud is about to change everything about how customers and administrators experience Citrix products. If you don’t believe me, just watch this video where I build an entire environment from scratch and capture it all in 15 minutes.

Workspace Cloud running on Azure:

Workspace Cloud running on AWS: