What does it mean to be truly mobile?  The answer is actually quite simple.  One becomes truly mobile when they are able to do EVERYTHING on a mobile device of their choice that they can from behind a desk in an office.  There should be no limitations and nothing pulling them back to the office.

So what’s the hold up?  Doesn’t the idea of doing your job from anywhere in the world sound appealing?  Let’s take it to the next extreme.  What about ditching even your laptop?  Doing your entire job from a tablet or phablet?  Now THAT would be true mobility.

Let’s be honest.  There are still things that keep us tethered to the desktop experience.  I, for example, had no meetings in the office  today.  I could have easily worked from home on my Mac Book and been relatively productive.  However, I knew a good portion of my day was going to include working with PowerPoint.  I’m much more efficient with dual screens, full size keyboard and a mouse.  The experience for me is better than a laptop and track pad.  The same correlation is true between the laptop experience running desktop applications and a mobile device running mobile applications.  There are certain parts of the experience that require us to return to the bigger machines and full-featured applications.

Citrix XenMobile technology wants to change this notion.  The XenMobile Worx apps and MDX Toolkit update continues down a path of securely delivering business class, desktop-like features to the mobile device.

Here’s a great example of how XenMobile helps to fulfill the promise of becoming truly mobile.  Have you ever waited to get back to your desktop or laptop before scheduling a meeting?  Scheduling a meeting without desktop features such the ability to check the free/busy status of attendees is challenging.  You’re basically required to pick a time, cross your fingers and hope everyone can make it.  With XenMobile 10.1 the mobile user can now check the free/busy status of all attendees before scheduling the meeting.  Simply add the names of  those you want to invite and WorxMail will provide you with a set off times when everyone is available.  No laptop, desktop, or office chair required!

Other new XenMobile Worx apps features include:

  • WorxTasks – Secure “to do” list that integrates with Exchange and Office 365 tasks.
  • WorxNotes web app (Tech Preview) – Working in conjunction with the WorxNotes mobile app so that you can now access WorxNotes from any device with a browser including laptops and desktops.
  • Citrix for Salesforce – Secure, containerized mobile web application for accessing Salesforce database including integration with WorxNotes.
  • Citrix SlideStream (public app) – Display presentations and forward on a monitor directly from your iPhone.  An MDX version of SlideStream will be available later this year.
  • APNS email notifications – sends you “near real-time” notifications and allows WorxMail to automatically synchronize new mail in the background.
  • E-mail classification – This vertically focused feature allows IT to create security clearance levels and filter emails based on the user’s security clearance.
  • NetScaler iOS VPN client –Available for XenMobile iOS MDM customers, provides full-device or per-app VPN configurations for public apps.

Please visit the XenMobile “What’s New” page to find out more information about how XenMobile is working to bring your desktop-experience to your mobile device.