Today at Citrix Synergy, Citrix revealed Citrix Workspace Cloud, the next step in revolutionizing the design, delivery and management of the secure workspaces in demand by people today.

The Citrix Synergy keynote included an impactful demonstration of the new way IT and partners can simplify, accelerate and provide choice in delivering apps, mobility, data and more to people through a complete workspace. The keynote invited Citrix customers and partners to access the Test Drive, built on Workspace Cloud, to see first hand the simplicity of publishing and the experience of using a complete workspace.

Workspace Cloud is a new platform that allows partners and IT to deliver the complete workspace while focusing on what’s important –what’s inside the workspace. Workspace Cloud unifies the management and delivery of multiple workspace services through a cloud-based control plane.

By offloading the management of the workspace infrastructure to Citrix, partners and IT can reduce the time required to install and configure individual products, and maintain service components.

Always on, Always up to Date with Citrix Workspace Cloud

Since it’s a cloud service, Workspace Cloud is always on and always up to date with the latest Citrix technologies – ones you know and love today plus new advanced technologies that will change the game on workspace design, delivery and management.

Within Workspace Cloud, select individual services to help you build and design your workspaces. Initially the portfolio of services will include:

  • Apps and Desktops – Deliver virtual apps and desktops to subscribers on any device, anywhere with the best user experience, security and flexibility.
  • Mobility Management – Enable subscribers to use a corporate device or bring their own without compromising security.
  • Secure Documents – Meet the mobility needs of subscribers and data security requirements of the enterprise.
  • Lifecycle Management – Provide lifecycle management, blueprinting, and automation to accelerate and simplify the design, deployment and on-going management of Citrix and non-Citrix enterprise workloads.
  • Concierge  – Improve user experience and problem resolution times with via a first of its kind service for real-time mobile and web app support.

And more services are on the way to compliment the different business needs and use cases. The platform enables single sign-on, workspace design and analytics across each service. A simple Cloud Connector provides the communication between Workspace Cloud and enterprise resources such as identity systems and infrastructure, used by the different services.

Citrix has built Workspace Cloud to empower you to choose the best infrastructure location- data center, public cloud, or hybrid cloud. Mix and match deployments based on local requirements, compliance regulations, budgets or user demand. Separating the management from the workspace deployment gives you the ultimate control over the performance, price, and security of your workspaces.

Want your desktops in Amazon, your engineering apps and data on-premises, and your productivity apps in Azure?

No problem.

Workspace Cloud is what hybrid cloud was designed to achieve. Learn more from this short video.

Workspace Cloud Test Drive: Publish and Experience Complete Workspaces

Reaction to Workspace Cloud has been incredible. Over the past months, customers, partners, industry analysts, plus our Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs) have been sharing tremendous feedback.

We’re interested in your reaction to Workspace Cloud—and have made available a Test Drive, accessible to any type of IT user. Take an initial tour in a Workspace Cloud Test Drive – publish up to 5 workspaces, then share your feedback on social media using #WorkspaceCloud.

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