Citrix ShareFile makes working from screen-to-screen easier; it goes wherever you go!

In the shift from pen-and-paper to processors-and-peripherals, software companies started building solutions that focused on the new center of the workplace: the personal computer.

As technology advanced, most software companies continued with this model, developing single-focused applications for mobile phones, then tablets and now wearables. The flaw with this model is that an individual’s workflow does not live in just one device or screen, it is spread across an ecosystem of devices.

Since times have changed, shouldn’t the model change as well?

Dedicated to our mission to help people work better and live better, Citrix has built a solution that focuses on the customer and their workflows today–not those from 10 years ago. Citrix ShareFile is an enterprise solution that is there for users whenever and wherever they are in their workflow by traveling with a user across the four most common screens in which their workflows live.

From just a single, visually intuitive application, ShareFile users can:

• create and edit contents of a PowerPoint or other Office document from their mobile phone
• share content and collaborate on changes with colleagues and clients from their laptop
• prepare for the presentation and dictate speaker notes on their tablet
• control and navigate their presentation from an Apple Watch (see this in action, here)

Managing a complicated workflow form one application, instead of many, saves time and empowers users to be truly mobile. No matter where you are, you can be confident that Citrix ShareFile is there for you to get the job done.

Download Citrix ShareFile today from iTunes.